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Murderdolls – Bootleg Live Re-Unite for Ben Graves Tribute (2018)

In 2018 past drummer of the Murderdolls Ben Graves lost his battle with cancer. Many past bands and friends gathered together including Wednesday 13 and of the exist Murderdolls members Eric and Acey. It was almost a full reunion but Joey was missing and they used back up friends Alex Kane and Johnny Kelly to fill the role. The set list was short and you can clearly see the emotion on Wednesday 13’s face during the show. The sound was clear and the band sounded actually pretty tight and Ben would of been proud.

1. Love at First Fright
2. Graverobbing USA
3. People Hate Me
4. Welcome to the Strange
5. 197666
6. White Wedding
7. Dead in Hollywood
8. I Love to Say Fuck


Band Members
Wednesday 13
Alex Kane
Eric Griffin
Acey Slade
Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly (2018)

Johnny Kelly joined to help the Murderdolls play tribute to the late Ben Graves in 2018. Johnny Kelly has past experience playing from bands like Type O Negative, Danzig, Black Label Society and his current band Devil Kill Hill.

Johnny was asked to join behind the kit for the tribute for Ben Graves.

Alex, Johnny, Eric and Wednesday 13.


Alex Kane

Alex Kane (2002, 2018)

Alex Kane was not a true member of the Murderdolls but did join the band on stage in 2002 to replace Eric as he had to deal with a personal family issue.

In 2018 for the one night show dedicated to the late Ben Graves. Alex took up the guitar to play to the dedication to the late Ben.

Alex played in a band called AntiProduct with Ben.

Alex Kane on the far left playing that the Murderdolls tribute to Ben Graves. 

Jason “Shakes” West

Jason “Shakes” West (2011 –  2014/ 2019)

Jason “Shakes” West came from a support drummer for Sebastian Bach,  he joined as a drummer for Wednesday 13 during the end of the Murderdolls tour for Women and Children Last, after that  they regrouped to record Calling All Corpses in 2011 . He did the record and finished the tour.


(Jason Shakes West during Calling all Corpses era)

He was also part of the band during the recording of the EP Spook and Destroy in 2012. He continued in the band in 2013 for The Dixie Dead and also continued that tour to the end .


In 2015 Jason did the recording of the drums for Wednesday 13 for Monsters of the Universe. He did the first part of the tour but was replaced by the keyboardist Kyle Castronovo, who took over the drum role and went on with Evil United.




Jason “Shakes” West

Jason got asked to fill in behind the drum kit in early 2019 on the Cradle of Filth support tour as Kyle had to leave for a few weeks for a family matter.







Jack Tankersley

Jack Tankersley (2010  – Present)

Jack Tankersley joined Wednesday 13  first as a member of Gunfire’76 as he replaced Dave Musselman on guitar in 2010. When the Murderdolls needed a bassist to help support the Women and Children Last tour in 2010. He left Bullets and Octane and joined the band and finished the tour. When the band disbanded he joined Wednesday 13 on his solo efforts as a guitarist.


Jack was involved in 2011 recording and touring of Calling All Corpses and finished that tour.


He also was part of the EP Spook and Destroy in 2012, The Dixie Dead was recorded and toured in 2013, Undead Unplugged as he played guitar.


(Jack Tankersley on the left during Undead Unplugged)

Monster of the Universe: Come on Out and Plague in 2015 was recorded and he toured yet again with the band.

Jack continued with the band in 2017 by being the guitarist for the band during the recording of Condolences and did the supporting tour for that CD.


(Jack Tankersley during the Condolences era)

October 2018 Wednesday 13 did his Halloween again in the UK but this time he split it up over the weekend. The Friday night they did Skeletons from beginning to end to celebrate the 10th anniversary. (also Roman proposed to his girlfriend Shelly D’ Inferno on stage)The Saturday night Wednesday 13 did a special Frankenstein Drag Queens Set.

Beginning of 2019 they started to tour again with the band but this time joined as a opener with Cradle of Filth. (with side opener Raven Black). His set list was dropped to  a smaller one as they toured North America again as a opening band.

(Jack and girlfriend Dani Divine )

In 2019 Wednesday 13 released a few singles off the new record Necrophaze. The first being Zodiac which they played live a few times before, Decompose, Bring Your Own Blood and the title track Necrophaze.

In September the record Necrophaze was released with the same members as before in the band W13, Roman, Troy, Jack and Kyle. Even this time on the record it has guest singers and the other members had more of a role in the writing.

Much like Roman Surman, Jack Tankersley has been a solid member of Wednesday 13 for sometime.








Ben Graves

Ben Graves (2002-2004 )

Ben Graves was playing in a band with Eric Griffon called Synical. Tripp Eisen brought both them to join his new project called the Murderdolls as they just finished recording a record called Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls.  Ben replaced the past drummer of the band Racci Shay. (who did the recording)


Ben Graves traveled the world and did the whole tour with the Murderdolls in support of the record and was feature in all their videos. When the band took a break  in 2004 that was the last time Ben Graves played with the band. As he moved on to other bands like Pretty Boy Floyd.



(Ben Graves during the Murderdolls era)

In May 2018 Ben Graves passed away after a private battle with cancer at the age of 45.

August 2018 due to the death of past drummer Ben Graves, W13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffin did a one night partial Murderdolls reunion in honor of Ben.


(Ben Graves Murderdolls honor show poster 2018)

Eric Griffin

Eric Griffin (2002 – 2004 / 2006-2007 / 2018)

Eric Griffin was influenced by KISS and Motley Crue and was playing a in a band with Ben Graves called Synical before being asked to  join the Murdersdolls. Tripp Eisen picked up both of the players to join the band and even though Eric preferred guitar he came in as a bassist. Eric Griffin was best known for his Nikki Sixx look from the Shout at the Devil era.

When Eric joined the band the record was already complete for Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls. But Griffin toured all over the world with the Murderdolls; Japan, United States, United Kingdom, etc. and found success with the band, featuring in promotional videos for “Dead in Hollywood“, “White Wedding” and “Love at First Fright“.


(Eric Griffin during the Murderdolls era)

In 2004 when the Murderdolls decided to take a break was the last time Eric was in the band.

Wednesday 13 in  2006 for the Fang Bang tour called Eric to play guitar for the support of that record to replace Piggy D. Eric did a huge chunk of the tour and that was the last time that Eric played with Wednesday 13.


(Eric Griffin during the support of Fang Bang)

August 2018 due to the death of past drummer Ben Graves, W13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffin did a one night partial Murderdolls reunion in honor of Ben.




Murderdolls – Women and Children Last (2010)

In  2010 the Murderdolls regrouped under the power of Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison. They announced a new record and released some of the material on their Facebook page. They did not regroup with any of the other old members and recruited touring guitarist Roman Surman, bassist Jack Tankersley  and drummer Racci Shay and later on Jason “Shakes West. Mick Mars from Motley Crue helped on the record also for Drug Me to Hell and  Blood-Stained Valentine Mock film trailers were released for four of the album’s nonsingle tracks:  Drug Me to HellSummertime SuicideDeath Valley Superstars, Chapel of Blood and the first single was My Dark Place Alone.

The record was called Women & Children Last as a pun to the classic Van Halen record. was released late August 2010. The image of the band was a lot darker and so was some of songs. The band went on the road to support the record. The second single from the record was Nowhere.

In 2013 Wednesday 13 announced the official end of the Murderdolls so this was the last record at this time.


Track List

1 The World According to Revenge
2 Chapel of Blood
3 Bored ‘Til Death
4 Drug Me to Hell
5 Nowhere
6 Summertime Suicide
7 Death Valley Superstars
8 My Dark Place Alone
9 Blood Stained Valentine
10 Pieces of You
11 Homicide Drive
12 Rock N Roll is All I Got
13 Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright
14 Whatever You Got, I’m Against It
15 Hello, Goodbye, Die

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Joey Jordison – Guitar, Drums, Bass

Personal View – Personally was very excited for this record when it was announced but the record itself is hit and miss. Some of the record is very dark and heavy like My Dark Place Alone, Chapel of Blood, Death Valley Superstar and Bored ‘ Til Death which are great songs and fit the theme. But some of the songs sit out and stick out as they seem not to fit the record like Nowhere, Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright  and Summertime Suicide. Not that they are bad songs but they do not seem to fit the recipe of this record but maybe something from Gunfire 76.  The length of record is long which is great as there really is not a bad song on it.



Racci Shay

Racci Shay (1999 -2002 /2008-2010 )

Racci Shay played in the band The Rejects with Joey Jordison and Tripp Eisen. When the band gained Wednesday 13 finally as the vocalist and they changed the name to Murderdolls . In 2002 The Rejects released a mix of recordings called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die.  Racci was replaced by Katie Scabs.


(Racci Shay with Dope)

Racci Shay played with the band Dope till 2005 when he quit and decided to join back with Wednesday 13 and his solo project to replace Ghastly for the Fang Bang tour.

(Racci Shay during Fang Bang era)

He worked on both the Bloodwork EP and the Skeletons record in 2008.

In 2010 he joined Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison again as pat of the Murderdolls for the tour band alongside guitarist Roman Surman and guitarist Jack Tankersley to support Women and Children Last.


(Racci Shay Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 tour)



Acey Slade

Acey Slade (2002 – 2004 / 2008)

Being part of the band Dope when Tripp Eisen was there and he took over the role of lead guitarist when  Tripp went on with the Murderdolls . In 2002 when Tripp announced that he would be quitting the Murderdolls to focus more on Static X . Acey Slade  joined the band to fill the role as guitarist for them as he came from Vampire Love Dolls also before Dope. (same band as Ian Wiseman from the Rejects).




(Acey Slade during the Murderdolls)

He helped finish the tour for the Murderdolls and after 2004 when Wednesday 13 decided to take a break from the project Acey joined the punk band Amen.

In 2008 Acey Slade was asked by Wednesday 13 again to fill in as a guitarist in support of some of the shows for Skeletons.

(Acey Slade during the Skeletons tour 2008)

August 2018 due to the death of past drummer Ben Graves, W13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffin did a one night partial Murderdolls reunion in honor of Ben.

(Acey and Wednesday 13 in 2018)