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Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly (2018)

Johnny Kelly joined to help the Murderdolls play tribute to the late Ben Graves in 2018. Johnny Kelly has past experience playing from bands like Type O Negative, Danzig, Black Label Society and his current band Devil Kill Hill.

Johnny was asked to join behind the kit for the tribute for Ben Graves.

Alex, Johnny, Eric and Wednesday 13.


Katie Scabs

Katie Scabs (2002)

Katie Scabs replaced Racci Shay in the band The Rejects in 2002. Katie Scabs did not do too many shows with the band as Dizzy left the group and Wednesday 6 changed his name back to Wednesday 13 , took on the vocals and they changed the name of the band to the Murderdolls.

Katie Scabs on drums in 2002 for The Rejects.

(The Rejects Joey, Katie, Dizzy, Wednesday 6 and Tripp)

Joe Letz

Joe Letz (2007)

Joe Letz stepped in fill in for Racci Shay in late 2007 on tour due to a family death during Skeletons tour.  Joe Letz was just a  fill in drummer for a few months as he was once the drummer for Amen and was the current drummer for Combichrist.  This was during the time Nate Manor, Staci Grim and J-Sin (Jason) Trioxin was part of the band.


Rob Hammersmith

Rob Hammersmith (2009 – 2010)

Rob Hammermith joined the touring band for Gunfire’76 project in 2009 as the drummer. Rob was in the band Rockets to Ruin at the time.  He was the only member besides Wednesday 13 and Roman Surman that stayed as a member for the whole tour.  After the tour he became the drummer for the classic 80s metal band Skid Row.

Rob Hammersmith part of Gunfire ’76

Ben Graves

Ben Graves (2002-2004 )

Ben Graves was playing in a band with Eric Griffon called Synical. Tripp Eisen brought both them to join his new project called the Murderdolls as they just finished recording a record called Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls.  Ben replaced the past drummer of the band Racci Shay. (who did the recording)


Ben Graves traveled the world and did the whole tour with the Murderdolls in support of the record and was feature in all their videos. When the band took a break  in 2004 that was the last time Ben Graves played with the band. As he moved on to other bands like Pretty Boy Floyd.



(Ben Graves during the Murderdolls era)

In May 2018 Ben Graves passed away after a private battle with cancer at the age of 45.

August 2018 due to the death of past drummer Ben Graves, W13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffin did a one night partial Murderdolls reunion in honor of Ben.


(Ben Graves Murderdolls honor show poster 2018)


Scabs (1997  / 2001-2002)

Scabs real name is David Hughes, he joined the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 after the band reformed the first time in 1997. At this time he did not stay long in the band about 2 weeks along with guitarist Creepy.

Scabs returned in the band in 2001 and was part of the recording of Viva Las Violence as he replaced Sicko Zero. This was around the time  the band still wore make-up during this period, they removed their wigs. He finished the tour with the band but was no longer part the band after disbanded in 2002.



Scabs on the far right


Scabs on the far right

(Wednesday 13 and Scabs on drums)

In the spring of 2016 Scabs passed away from complications of high blood pressure.