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Johnny Kelly (2018)

Johnny Kelly joined to help the Murderdolls play tribute to the late Ben Graves in 2018. Johnny Kelly has past experience playing from bands like Type O Negative, Danzig, Black Label Society and his current band Devil Kill Hill.

Johnny was asked to join behind the kit for the tribute for Ben Graves.

Alex, Johnny, Eric and Wednesday 13.



Alex Kane (2018)

Alex Kane was not a true member of the Murderdolls but did join the band on stage in 2018 for the one night show dedicated to the late Ben Graves. Alex took up the guitar to play to the dedication to the late Ben.

Alex played in a band called AntiProduct with Ben.

Alex Kane on the far left playing that the Murderdolls tribute to Ben Graves. 

The Confederate Crusader (1996 – 1998)

The Confederate Crusader  was created  by the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 band.  The Confederate Crusader was Jeff Clayton from Antiseen who would do random shows during the mid 90’s with the band.  He was on the early recording of 197666 from the first record The Late, Late, Late Show.

The Confederate Crusader would be dressed in a redneck outfit and have the confederate flag over his face like a mask. He would play the roll on stage being the father of Frankenstein Drag Queens before jamming into the 197666 song.

Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Everyone Still Hates You US (2018)

This is a recording of a show on the US leg of the Combichrist tour called Everyone Still Hates You in 2018. Wednesday 13 no longer became the main act during this round of shows as he was trying to reach out to a newer crowd of people to get a bigger fan base. This means the set list is shorter than in the past but he did not hold back on the stage show.  Yes, Wednesday 13 dropped the classics of his past career but he brought energy and props to the stage. He has the now classic Serpent Society mask, the death mask that he wears backwards for Prey for Me and the new white devil mask for Condolences.


1. What the Night Brings
2. Bloodsick
3. Scream Baby Scream
4. Serpent Society
5. Prey for Me
6. Bloodsucker
7. Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
8. Condolences
9. I Want You Dead
10. I Walked with a Zombie
11. I Love to Say Fuck
12. Bad Things


Band Members

Jack Tankersley
Roman Surman
Troy Doebbler
Kyle Castronovo


Rat Bastard

Rat Bastard (1996)

Rat Bastard (aka Crazy Eddie Ford) replaced Seaweed on bass for the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 late 1996.  Eddie and Wednesday 13 went to high school together and were good friends. Not much more is known of Rat Bastard except that he jumped on bass and did a number of live shows before himself and Sicko Zero called it quits and it ended the band for that time.

Rat Bastard and Sicko Zero in late 1996

Sicko Zero, Rat Bastard and Wednesday 13 late 1996

Bourbon Crow – Demos That Didn’t Quite Make It (2015)

This is a collection of songs that were left over from the recording sessions of Off the Wagon on the Rocks which was funded by a kickstarter. Released as a bonus on the kickstarter supporters this is a odd collection of old country songs from Bourbon Crow.

Track List

1 When In Dixie
2 I Hope They Serve Jack Daniels In Hell
3 Hard Drinking Man
4 Just Don’t Call Me Tonight
5 Song About You and Me
6 Saturday Night A Drink And Fight
7 One More Round
8 No Happy Ending
9 J.D. You’re An Angel To Me
10 I Stopped Loving You
11 Hell No H20

Band Members

Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13) – Vocals and Guitar
Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) – Vocal Guitar
Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal View

This record is bit more on the slower side after all it is the songs that did not make the cut. Just Don’t Call Me Tonight is a classic song and Wednesday’s voice is real twang! There is still some nice guitar work on this record.


Bourbon Crow – Off the Wagon on the Rocks (2015)

Yet again in 2016 after a kickstarter the country duel went at it again with some old back road tunes. Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13)and Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) returned as they gathered money from the kickstarter as they broke the deal with record company. They did a North America tour to support the record with Wednesday 13 doing the support for Undead Unplugged.

Track List

1 Alcohol
2 Nature boy (The Ballad of Rick Flair)
3 Wish Upon a Bar
4 Life I Live
5 Hard Drinking Man
6 Chick Fil A
7 Fuck You
8 Wishful Drinking
9 One More Round
10 I Hope They Serve Jack Daniels in Hell
11 Alcohol Poison

Band Members

Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13) – Vocals and Guitar
Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) – Vocal Guitar
Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal Review

This was a harder record to track down unlike the past 2 and listening to it you feel a change in the band. The vocals are more of fun positive sound and you can tell they had fun writing and recording this record.  Some of the lyrics are based on some personal stuff for example Nature boy (The Ballad of Rick Flair) is not a surprise as both Rayen and Wednesday 13 are wrestling fans.  We also have a version of Fuck You on this record which is the same song as found on Dixie Dead, which I think fits better here.


The Rejects – Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die (2000)

Recorded possibly in 2000 The Rejects recorded their first record called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die. Once again it is a CD full of what to be known Murderdoll songs. Yet gain much like the later release of Love Songs for People that Hate, the bass could be some Wednesday 6 and some Ian Wiseman.

Track List

1 People Hate Me
2 Everybody’s Everything
3 Refuse To Rot
4 She’s My Slut
5 Crash Crash
6 Either Way I’m Fucked
7 Everything About You Sucks (Except For Your Drugs)
8 You Suck
9 I Fell In Love With A Zombie
10 Makes Me Hate

Band Members

Wednesday 6 / Ian Wiseman – Bass
Racci Shay – Drums
Joey Jordison (Mr. Pathetic )– Guitar
Tripp Eisen – Guitar
Dizzy Reject – Vocals

Personal View

This record has some classic first like People Hate Me, Everybody’ s Everything (B movie Queen) , Refuse to Rot (Lets Go to War which is odd as it was released as FDQFP13 years before) and I Fell In Love With A Zombie (I’m in Love With a Teenage Zombie) . Much of this records you can hear the everything that the Murderdolls did that was not Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13.  The more I dig and find such gems the more I respect the core and roots of Wednesday 13. Even though it is not Wednesday 13 on vocals this is a must have for hard core fans.  Classic record and was glad I tracked this one down.






Katie Scabs

Katie Scabs (2002)

Katie Scabs replaced Racci Shay in the band The Rejects in 2002. Katie Scabs did not do too many shows with the band as Dizzy left the group and Wednesday 6 changed his name back to Wednesday 13 , took on the vocals and they changed the name of the band to the Murderdolls.

Katie Scabs on drums in 2002 for The Rejects.

The Rejects Joey, Katie, Dizzy, Wednesday 6 and Tripp

The Rejects – Love Songs for People that Hate (2013)

It is believed that this record was recorded over 17 years before its actual release in 2013. Dizzy Draztik released Love Songs for People that Hate as a collection of The Rejects recordings. We do know that Dizzy Draztik, Joey Jordison, Katie Scabs (replaced Racci Shay) and Tripp Eisen were on all the recordings but which ones if any had Wednesday 13 on them would take some background searching as he was a bassist for a short time and became singer of the band in 2002. Which later on became the Murderdolls.But by credits it states its him on bass as Wednesday 6.

Track List

1. Make Me Hate
2. The Radio Song
3. Suffocate
4. Shez Gonna Go
5. Bastard Avenue
6. I Hate…
7. Punk On Junk
8. You Suck
9. Alice Is Dead
10. Mommyz In Rehab
11. Letz Fuck
12. I Used To Be In Love (Changed My Mind)
13. Put Out Or Get Out
14. Jokes On You
15. Nobody Special
16 .Shut Up And Fuck
17. Love Junk (I Don’t Want Your)

Band Members

Wednesday 6 – Bass
Katie Scabs – Drums
Joey Cocaine – Guitar
Tripp Eisen – Guitar
Dizzy Reject – Vocals

Personal View

Classic punk metal before the horror rock and the name change happened. Dizzy voice might take some time to get use to as he has the influence of Dead Kennedys and more head on punk bands.  Song and lyric wise though you can feel the energy and see where the Murderdolls came from and some of the songs are pre of Dress to Depress (Shez Gonna Go).  This record screams classic, maybe not Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 classic pure still classic. Typical punk with some tongue in cheek lyrics and some of the tunes are actually catchy like Alice Is DeadThe Radio Song and Put Out Or Get Out.   I Used To Be In Love (Changed My Mind) actually has some detailed guitar work for a punk band even.