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Page for references of random interviews and music videos, live performances clips with Wednesday 13 and current/past members

Tons of live shows and performances can be located on (here are some of my favs and thank you everyone who has uploaded them).

Thank you

Maniac Spider Trash

MST Hate Bomb Video

MST Bomb the Playground Live

MST Coffin Banger Live

MST I Wanna Be Your Dog Live

MST Rat Rotted Mind Live

MST Head on a Shelf Live

MST My Lollipop Live

Silly Scream

Full show when Wednesday 13 was in the band 1994

Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13

RS Saidso Interview

FDQFP13 Hit and Rape Live 1996

FDQFP13 Kill Miss America Live 1996

FDQFP13 197666 Live 1996

FDQFP13 Galactic Chicken Shit Live 1996

FDQFP13 Hit and Rape Live 1996

FDQFP13 Dismember Momma Live 1996

FDQFP13 Waiste of a Human Life Live 1996

FDQFP13 Jokes on You Live 1996

FDQFP13 Super Zero Live 1996

I Hate My Town and Bloodsuckers Anyonomus Live 1996

FDQFP13 I Hate My Town Live

FDQFP13 Wanna Be Your Friend Live

FDQFP13 Bride of Frankenstein Video

FDFP13 – 197666 Live 1996 near the end of the year

FDQFP13 Stab You in the Back Live (Rat Bastard)

FDQFP13 Scary Song Live

FDQFP13 Back in Blackula Live


FDQFP13 Mr Motherfucker Live

FDQFP13 I Love to Say Fuck Live

FDQFP13 Motel Killafornia Live

FDQFP13 Grave Robbing USA Live

FDQFP13 Rambo Live

FDQFP13 Bride of Frankenstein Live 1997

FDQFP13 She’s a Man Live 1997

An old Wednesday 13 interview while in FDQP13

FDQFP13 I Wanna Hold Your Head Live

FDQFP13 Mr. Motherfucker Live 1999

FDQFP13 Choke Yourself Live

FDQFP13 Oogie Baby Live 1999

FDQFP13 Evil is Good Live 2001

FDQFP13 Nightbreed Live 2001

FDQFP13 Witch is Dead Live 2001

FDQFP13 We Have to kill You Now Live 2001

FDQFP13 Live Reunion 2005

Abby Normal Interview Hollyweirdglamour

The Rejects /Murderdolls

Old Wednesday 13 2002 Interview

Dizzy Draztik interview

Katie Scabs joins The Rejects

Murderdoll Interview 2002

Murderdolls Radio Show live 2002

Wednesday 13 Murderdolls

Murderdolls Big Day Show Live 2003

Murderdoll Interview 2003

Dead in Hollywood Video

Love at First Fright Video

White Wedding Video

Devils Whorehouse with Jerry Only from Misfits Live

White Wedding Live 2003

Grave Robbing USA Live 2003

Dead in Hollywood Live 2003

Murder Pie Live

Dawn of the Dead Live 2004

W13 and on 2005

W13 and Death Becomes You Grave Robbing 2004

Seaweed Interview

Wednesday 13 Metal Rage

I Want You Dead Live

I Walk With a Zombie Video

Bad Things Video

Rambo Live Video

Bad Things Live

I Love to Say Fuck Live

Die My Bride Live

RS Saidso Interview from Glitzine

RS Saidso Interview on Hollyweirdglamour


Wednesday 13 Interview on rockeyez

Home Sweet Homicide Video

House by the Cemetery Live

Morgue Than Words Live

God is a Lie Live

Happily Ever Cadaver Live

I Love to Say Fuck live

Mother fucker I Dont Care, Slit My Wrist Live


Wednesday 13 Metalchoc

Curse of Me Live

I Want You Dead Live


Wednesday 13 on Hardtalk Ballbuster

Rambo Live

Haunt Me Live

From Here to The Hearse Live

Skeletons Video

Gimme Gimme Bloodshed Live


Faith in the Devil Live

Home Sweet Homicide Live

American Werewolves in London Live

Look What the Bats Dragged in Live

Die My Bride Live

Scary Song Live

Till Death Do Us Party Live

Wednesday 13 Gunfire 76

Wednesday 13 Interview

One More Reason to Hate You Live

Something for the Suffering Live

Welcome to the Strange Live

Casualties and Tragedies Live


Lets Kill the Hero Live

I Walk with a Zombie Live

Wednesday 13 Digging a Hole

Wednesday 13 on Live Metal

Wednesday 13 MPJ

Dead in Hollywood Live

My Dark Place Alone Video

Acey Spade on new Murderdolls

Chapel of Blood Live

My Dark Place Alone Live

Joey Interview on new Murderdolls

Nowhere Video

Blood Stain Valentine Live

Dawn of the Dead Live

Nowhere Live

She Was a Teenage Zombie Live

Summertime Suicide Live

Drug Me to Hell Live

Love at First Fright Live

I Take Drugs Live


Death Valley Superstars Live

Homicide Drive Live

Wednesday 13 Interview

Wednesday 13 on Metal as Fuck

Roman Interview

Something Wicked This Way Comes Live

Silver Bullets Live

Calling all Corpses and Walk with a Zombie Live

I Wanna Be Cremated Live

Happily Ever Cadaver Live


Wednesday 13 Metalmouth

Rambo Live

MFW Live

Candle for the Devil Live

Haunt Me Live

Scream Baby Scream Live

Halloween 13-13 Live

I Love to Fuck Live

W13 Interview


Wednesday 13 Interview

Get Your Grave on Dixie Dead Trailer

Bloodsucker Live

The Dixie Dead Live

Wednesday 13 Planet Mosh

Hail Ming Live

Interview with Troy Doebbler

Wednesday 13 BUC interview

Get Your Grave on Live

Wednesday 13 Film Bizarro

The Ghost of Vincent Price Live

Put Your Death Mask On Live

Rot for Me Live

Ghost Stories Live

Fuck You Live

God is a Lie Live

Bad Things and Raining Blood Live

Soundcheck 2013


Wednesday 13 interview

Wednesday 13 on 100 Percent Rock

Till Death Do us Party Unplugged Live

Rambo Unplugged Live

Ghost Stories Unplugged Live

The Dixie Dead Unplugged Live

I Walk With a Zombie Unplugged Live

Curse of Me Unplugged Live


All American Massacre Live

Wednesday 13 on Pennyblackmusic

Wednesday 13 Gothic Beauty

Planet Eater Live

Wednesday 13 Hex Interview

Keep Watching the Skies Fan Video

Keep Watching the Skies Live

Wednesday 13 May Rock be With you

Bombs, Guns, Gods This is a War Live

Skeletons Live

Scary Song Live

Wednesday 13 Music Mania

I Love Watching You Die Live

Serpent Society Fan Video

Monsters of the Universe Live

W13 Tattooing a Fan


Wednesday 13 Rockhaven

Wednesday 13 Interview Empire Extreme

Wednesday 13 Crypticrock

Death of Scabs from FDQFP13

Wednesday 13 on I Prob Hate ur Band

Wednesday 13 Aquarian

Wednesday 13 Rock Damnation

Wednesday 13 on Murderdolls Babbermouth

Wednesday 13 Slackjaw Punks

Wednesday 13 Broke Horror Fan

Wednesday 13 on Vandala

Wednesday 13 Spotlight Report

Wednesday 13 on Across the Ocean

W13 Underground Audio Interview

Scary Song, Scream Baby Scream Live

Put Your Death Mask on Live

Serpent Society Live

Keep Watching the Skies Live

Skeletons Live

Bad Things Live

I Love to Say Fuck Live


Bourbon Crow

Wednesday 13 Unplugged

Home Sweet Homicide Unplugged Live

Welcome to the Strange Unplugged Live

My Demise and Cover Tunes Unplugged Live

Alcohol is Awesome Live

Take a Bullet for You Live

A Dead Body Live

Suck My Dixie Live

One More Round , Home Sweet Home Live

OJ Did It Unplugged Live

Wednesday 13 talking make-up remover


Possible Murderdolls in 2019

Talk about new CD and artwork

Blood Sick

W13 Talks Horror

What the Night Brings Video

Blood Sick Video

Cruel to You Video

W13 Serial Killer Interview

W13 Track Breakdown

Condolences Video

Roman talks Guitars

Serpent Society Live

Condolences Live

What the Night Brings Live

Cadaverous and Get Your Grave On Live

W13 interview Gigging

W13 Band into the Pit Interview

Hail Ming/Cruel to You Live

Scream Baby Scream Live

Prey for Me Live

Interview with Kyle Castronovo

Interview with Troy Doebbler

Cadaverous Video

Wednesday 13 view on Halloween

Wednesday 13 Comic Book Villains Interview

W13 Manchester Review

Wednesday 13 on

Wednesday 13 Best Halloween

W13 Horror Collection

Rambo Live


W13 Australia Tour Trailer

W13 Audio Interview on Collision about 2018 Tour

W13 Audio Interview for Sticks and Stones

W13 US Tour Ad

W13 Coming Attractions Tour Ad

W13 European Tour Ad

Condolences Live

The Dixie Dead Live

Scream Baby Scream Live

Calling All Corpses Live

Cadaverous Live

Ben Graves Passed Away Statement

Wednesday 13 Talks about Ben Graves 

US and Canadian Tour Ad

Murderdolls Partial Reunion for Ben Graves

Ozzfest 2018

W13 Talks about 2018 Halloween Show of Skeletons and FDQfP13

Skeletons Live from Halloween Show 2018

Scream Baby Scream Halloween Show 2018

All American Massacre, Gimme Bloodshed Halloween 2018

I Love to Say Fuck Halloween 2018

FDQFP13 Galactic Chicken Shit Live 2018

FDQFP13 Dismember Mamma Live 2018

FDQFP13 Grave Robbing UK Live 2018

FDQFP13 Die My Bride Live 2018

FDQFP13 Screwdriver Live 2018 

FDQFP13 Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell Live 2018

Bloodsick Live 2018

W13 Interview in LA end of 2018

Shelly and Roman Drag Queen Proposal


Zodiac Live 

Keep Watching the Skies Live 2019

Serpent Society Live 2019

Wednesday 13 2019 Live Show 

Wednesday 13 talks Necrophaze via Blabbermouth

Prey for Me Live 2019

W13 talking about Panic Attacks

What the Night Brings Live 2019

Hail Ming Live 2019

Get Your Grave on Live 2019

Roman Surman on MetalWorks

W13 on CryptTease talking collab on Necrophaze

Zodiac Trailer

Nekrophaze Review from Rock Pit

Bring Your Own Blood

Decompose Live 2019

W13 and Kane Hodder


Necrophaze Live 2019

Get Your Grave On Live 2019

Interview at Xsrock 2019

Brutal Planet Show Review 2019


Video for Monster

Necrophaze Live 2020

I Want You Dead / Scream Baby Scream Live 2020

W13 Audio interview with Brutal Planet 

197666 / Bad Things Live 2020

The Hearse Video

Interview with W13  on Loudersound

W13 interview with No FN Regrets

Heavy New York W13 Interview

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