Bourbon Crow – Demos That Didn’t Quite Make It (2015)

This is a collection of songs that were left over from the recording sessions of Off the Wagon on the Rocks which was funded by a kickstarter. Released as a bonus on the kickstarter supporters this is a odd collection of old country songs from Bourbon Crow.

Track List

1 When In Dixie
2 I Hope They Serve Jack Daniels In Hell
3 Hard Drinking Man
4 Just Don’t Call Me Tonight
5 Song About You and Me
6 Saturday Night A Drink And Fight
7 One More Round
8 No Happy Ending
9 J.D. You’re An Angel To Me
10 I Stopped Loving You
11 Hell No H20

Band Members

Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13) – Vocals and Guitar
Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) – Vocal Guitar
Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal View

This record is bit more on the slower side after all it is the songs that did not make the cut. Just Don’t Call Me Tonight is a classic song and Wednesday’s voice is real twang! There is still some nice guitar work on this record.


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