Jason “Shakes” West

Jason “Shakes” West (2011 –  2014/ 2019)

Jason “Shakes” West came from a support drummer for Sebastian Bach,  he joined as a drummer for Wednesday 13 during the end of the Murderdolls tour for Women and Children Last, after that  they regrouped to record Calling All Corpses in 2011 . He did the record and finished the tour.


(Jason Shakes West during Calling all Corpses era)

He was also part of the band during the recording of the EP Spook and Destroy in 2012. He continued in the band in 2013 for The Dixie Dead and also continued that tour to the end .


In 2015 Jason did the recording of the drums for Wednesday 13 for Monsters of the Universe. He did the first part of the tour but was replaced by the keyboardist Kyle Castronovo, who took over the drum role and went on with Evil United.




Jason “Shakes” West

Jason got asked to fill in behind the drum kit in early 2019 on the Cradle of Filth support tour as Kyle had to leave for a few weeks for a family matter.







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