Jack Tankersley

Jack Tankersley (2010  – Present)

Jack Tankersley joined Wednesday 13  first as a member of Gunfire’76 as he replaced Dave Musselman on guitar in 2010. When the Murderdolls needed a bassist to help support the Women and Children Last tour in 2010. He left Bullets and Octane and joined the band and finished the tour. When the band disbanded he joined Wednesday 13 on his solo efforts as a guitarist.


Jack was involved in 2011 recording and touring of Calling All Corpses and finished that tour.


He also was part of the EP Spook and Destroy in 2012, The Dixie Dead was recorded and toured in 2013, Undead Unplugged as he played guitar.


(Jack Tankersley on the left during Undead Unplugged)

Monster of the Universe: Come on Out and Plague in 2015 was recorded and he toured yet again with the band.

Jack continued with the band in 2017 by being the guitarist for the band during the recording of Condolences and did the supporting tour for that CD.


(Jack Tankersley during the Condolences era)

October 2018 Wednesday 13 did his Halloween again in the UK but this time he split it up over the weekend. The Friday night they did Skeletons from beginning to end to celebrate the 10th anniversary. (also Roman proposed to his girlfriend Shelly D’ Inferno on stage)The Saturday night Wednesday 13 did a special Frankenstein Drag Queens Set.

Beginning of 2019 they started to tour again with the band but this time joined as a opener with Cradle of Filth. (with side opener Raven Black). His set list was dropped to  a smaller one as they toured North America again as a opening band.

(Jack and girlfriend Dani Divine )

In 2019 Wednesday 13 released a few singles off the new record Necrophaze. The first being Zodiac which they played live a few times before, Decompose, Bring Your Own Blood and the title track Necrophaze.

In September the record Necrophaze was released with the same members as before in the band W13, Roman, Troy, Jack and Kyle. Even this time on the record it has guest singers and the other members had more of a role in the writing.

In 2020 when everything became on hold due to COVID-19 Jack started to sell stickers of himself and guitar pics to make extra money.

Much like Roman Surman, Jack Tankersley has been a solid member of Wednesday 13 for sometime.








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