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Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Undead Unplugged Manchester (2014)

This show was recorded during the unplugged tour that Wednesday 13, Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley to support the unplugged CD.  The venue seems small but the crowd seems right into the show. Nice set list , story telling and love the bird wallpaper.


1. Blood Fades to Black
2. Transylvania 90210
3. Dead Carolina
4. Home Sweet Homicide
5. Welcome to the Strange
6. American Werewolves in London
7. Till Death Do Us Party
8. Dead in Hollywood
9. Scary Song
10. Suck My Dixie (Bourbon Crow)
11. Nowhere


Jack Tankersley
Roman Surman




Jack Tankersley

Jack Tankersley (2010  – Present)

Jack Tankersley joined Wednesday 13  first as a member of Gunfire’76 as he replaced Dave Musselman on guitar in 2010. When the Murderdolls needed a bassist to help support the Women and Children Last tour in 2010. He left Bullets and Octane and joined the band and finished the tour. When the band disbanded he joined Wednesday 13 on his solo efforts as a guitarist.

Jack was involved in 2011 Calling All Corpses and finished that tour. He also was part of the EP Spook and Destroy in 2012, The Dixie Dead in 2013, Undead Unplugged as he played guitar and of course Monster of the Universe: Come on Out and Plague in 2015.

Jack continued with the band in 2017 by being the guitarist for the band during the recording of Condolences and did the supporting tour for that CD.

Much like Roman Surman, Jack Tankersley has been a solid member of Wednesday 13 for sometime.




Jack Tankersley on the left

Jack Tankersley during the Condolences era










Wednesday 13- Undead Unplugged (2014)

After doing the Bourbon Crow thing Wednesday 13 thought it would be cool to some a unplugged record to match the success of some of the unplugged shows he was doing.

In 2014 he released an acoustic record with versions of songs from his solo career, with one original track entitled Undead. The album also features acoustic versions of Murderdolls and Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 songs, both being bands Wednesday 13 had fronted in the past.

Before the release of the Undead Unplugged , Wednesday 13 released a few acoustic versions of songs from Bloodwork and Spook and Destroy EPs with an acoustic version of Curse of Me first appearing on Spook and Destroy. The album was released shortly after The Undead Unplugged UK Tour in 2014.

Wednesday 13 and Jack Tankersley appeared on the record together but Roman Surman joined the Undead tour and on stage.


Track List

1 Undead
2 Dead Carolina
3 Haunt Me
4 Nowhere
5 Morgue Than Words
6 Curse of Me
7 Welcome To The Strange
8 Scary Song
9 We All Die
10 Ghosts Stories
11 Transylvania 90210

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Guitar

Jack Tankersley – Guitar

Personal View – The new track Undead is actually decent and new and some of the chosen tracks to do unplugged are nice as it hits all era of his catalogue.  Too bad that some of the songs were released earlier on EPs and not replaced for more new stuff but it was a nice addition to the Wednesday 13 collection.




Roman Surman

Roman Surman (2006 – Present)

Roman Surman was a long time time guitar tech for Wednesday 13 before he joined him in 2006 in the Bourbon Crow project. H was also involved in assitanting in the short video called Weirdo A-Go-Go in 2008.

In 2009 he joined Wednesday 13 in his glam metal project called Gunfire 76. He was part of the band and recorded and toured for the record Casualties and Tragedies and did the First Blood Tour.

In 2010 Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 decided to bring back Murderdolls and Roman was asked to be a supporting guitarist for that tour also for Women and Children Last.  After the band broke up Wednesday 13 decided to Roman had become a major guitarist in his recordings so he added him to his solo projects.

Wednesday 13 next record was called Calling All Corpses in which Roman was also part of the record and tour. He was also involved in the EP Spook and Destroy. In 2011 he toured with the Wednesday 13 band and has been a member since. He was involved also in The Dixie Dead, toured for the Undead Unplugged tour.

In 2015 Wednesday 13 released his first non horror solo record called Monsters of the Universe : Come on Out and Plague. He wrote Planet Eater: Interstellar 187 which was the first time that someone on one of Wednesday 13’s records was involved in the writing process.

Roman continued with Wednesday 13 with the recording of Condolences in 2017 and once again held the reign of the main guitarist of the band for that tour.

Wednesday 13 has said it before that Roman Surman is like a brother and he uses him as the man to listen to songs and tracks and correct him as second ear for his music. Roman is still a current member of the Wednesday 13 band.

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Roman Surman during many tours with Wednesday 13

Roman during Gunfire’76 project

Roman Surman on the many tours for Wednesday 13

Roman and W13 during Condolences era