Eric Griffin

Eric Griffin (2002 – 2004 / 2006-2007 / 2018)

Eric Griffin was influenced by KISS and Motley Crue and was playing a in a band with Ben Graves called Synical before being asked to  join the Murdersdolls. Tripp Eisen picked up both of the players to join the band and even though Eric preferred guitar he came in as a bassist. Eric Griffin was best known for his Nikki Sixx look from the Shout at the Devil era.

When Eric joined the band the record was already complete for Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls. But Griffin toured all over the world with the Murderdolls; Japan, United States, United Kingdom, etc. and found success with the band, featuring in promotional videos for “Dead in Hollywood“, “White Wedding” and “Love at First Fright“.


(Eric Griffin during the Murderdolls era)

In 2004 when the Murderdolls decided to take a break was the last time Eric was in the band.

Wednesday 13 in  2006 for the Fang Bang tour called Eric to play guitar for the support of that record to replace Piggy D. Eric did a huge chunk of the tour and that was the last time that Eric played with Wednesday 13.


(Eric Griffin during the support of Fang Bang)

August 2018 due to the death of past drummer Ben Graves, W13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffin did a one night partial Murderdolls reunion in honor of Ben.




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