The Confederate Crusader

The Confederate Crusader (1996 – 1998)

The Confederate Crusader  was created  by the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 band.  The Confederate Crusader was Jeff Clayton from Antiseen who would do random shows during the mid 90’s with the band.  He was on the early recording of 197666 from the first record The Late, Late, Late Show.

The Confederate Crusader would be dressed in a redneck outfit and have the confederate flag over his face like a mask. He would play the role on stage being the father of Frankenstein Drag Queens before jamming into the 197666 song.

Jeff when singing for the band Antiseen was known for slicing his head open with barb wire on stage including a barb wired bat (before The Walking Dead Series)

Jeff joined Wednesday 13 in 2019 to do some backing vocals and intro on the Necrophaze record. He can be heard doing the intro to The Hearse on the song called Be Warned.

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