Raised in a small town in the 70s and early 80s metal and horror films have always been a huge part of my life. From the moment I saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at a young age on a flip laser disc (the one before VHS) and seeing the Motley Crue video for Looks that Kill I was set onto a path that I was never to return.

Metal for me always had to have some type of element to it for me, such as pentagrams, evil make-up and over the top stage show. Reasoning why I became huge fans of Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, GWAR, W.A.S.P., later on Marilyn Manson and of course Wednesday 13.

But after hearing the Murderdolls and digging enough at that time to find The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (still one of my favorite personal era) I became a huge fan of Wednesday 13.

Using this music at a hard time of life back in 2001 -2002 this got me through some tough dark times and been in love with his music since. What’s not to love? The gnarly voice, the grinding metal and of course his bloody horror like themes and messages.

Back in 2012 was the first time I actually finally got to see Wednesday 13 live (during Calling All Corpses) as he did not venture the Capital region of Canada at the time much Joining social meeting groups with other fans, communication with past members of the bands for information to help build this site.  I have met Wednesday 13 himself a few times over years after shows along with members like Jack Tankersy, Roman Surman and Troy Doebler .


Owner and horror reviewer of Beers and Body Parts

Reference and Disclaimers


References of Information:
All Music Copyright is owned by Wednesday 13
Thank you to the mainly following youtube hosts/video owners

None other than Abby Normal (Ray Franks) for clearing up some of the timeline info for me
Natasha Wheeler
Grimm Wednesday 1313
All Photography/images are owned by the branding on the image.

Please Note: Concerns on content please feel free to contact me as I’m more than happy to remove /update anything not deemed. (this is just a site for fun for fans). I do not sell any products! All music is owned by Wednesday 13 and I recommend fans to buy from Wednesday 13 to support his career. (as I do )

Any rare, bootlegs, show recordings were exchange in trade never purchased by me, just collect random anything related to Wednesday 13 for my own personal enjoyment.

Thank you

The unofficial fan website dedicated to Wednesday 13 and his many projects

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