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Nate Manor

Nate Manor (2006 – 2011)

After leaving the band Amen in 2005 , Nate Manor joined Wednesday 13 as a bassist after the Fang Bang tour replacing Brix Milner.

(Nate H8 Manor during the Fang Bang era)

Also known as Nate “H8” Manor he was involved in the recording of Skeletons in 2008 and did that tour. He was also involved in the EP Bloodwork that went with it.


(Nate “H8” Manor in the middle , right from Wednesday 13.)



Nate Manor can also he seen and heard live in the CD/DVD Fuck it, We’ll Do it Live. In 2011 Nate was replaced as bassist by Troy Doebbler and went on to join The Birthday Massacre.

Nate Manor like Ramon Surman was part of Bourbon Crow with Wednesday 13 and Kid Kid and was involved in the Long Way to the Bottom record in 2009.

In 2010 Nate filled in as a bassist for the Gunfire’76 project replacing Scott Whalen.

Nate “H8” Manor






Racci Shay

Racci Shay (1999 -2002 /2008-2010 )

Racci Shay played in the band The Rejects with Joey Jordison and Tripp Eisen. When the band gained Wednesday 13 finally as the vocalist and they changed the name to Murderdolls . In 2002 The Rejects released a mix of recordings called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die.  Racci was replaced by Katie Scabs.


(Racci Shay with Dope)

Racci Shay played with the band Dope till 2005 when he quit and decided to join back with Wednesday 13 and his solo project to replace Ghastly for the Fang Bang tour.

(Racci Shay during Fang Bang era)

He worked on both the Bloodwork EP and the Skeletons record in 2008.

In 2010 he joined Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison again as pat of the Murderdolls for the tour band alongside guitarist Roman Surman and guitarist Jack Tankersley to support Women and Children Last.


(Racci Shay Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 tour)