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The Rejects – Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die (2014)

Recorded possibly in 2000 / 2001 The Rejects recorded their first record called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die. Once again it is a CD full of what to be known Murderdoll songs. Yet gain much like the later release of Love Songs for People that Hate, the bass could be some Wednesday 6 and some Ian Wiseman.

Track List

1 People Hate Me
2 Everybody’s Everything
3 Refuse To Rot
4 She’s My Slut
5 Crash Crash
6 Either Way I’m Fucked
7 Everything About You Sucks (Except For Your Drugs)
8 You Suck
9 I Fell In Love With A Zombie
10 Makes Me Hate

Band Members

Wednesday 6 / Ian Wiseman – Bass
Racci Shay – Drums
Joey Jordison (Mr. Pathetic )– Guitar
Tripp Eisen – Guitar
Dizzy Reject – Vocals

Personal View

This record has some classic first like People Hate Me, Everybody’ s Everything (B movie Queen) , Refuse to Rot (Lets Go to War which is odd as it was released as FDQFP13 years before) and I Fell In Love With A Zombie (I’m in Love With a Teenage Zombie) . Much of this records you can hear the everything that the Murderdolls did that was not Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13.  The more I dig and find such gems the more I respect the core and roots of Wednesday 13. Even though it is not Wednesday 13 on vocals this is a must have for hard core fans.  Classic record and was glad I tracked this one down.






The Rejects – Love Songs for People that Hate (2012)

It is believed that this record was recorded over 17 years before its actual release in 2012. Dizzy Draztik released Love Songs for People that Hate as a collection of The Rejects recordings. We do know that Dizzy Draztik, Joey Jordison (Mr. Pathectic/ Joey Cocaine) , Katie Scabs (replaced Racci Shay) and Tripp Eisen were on all the recordings but which ones if any had Wednesday 13 on them would take some background searching as he was a bassist for a short time and became singer of the band in 2002. Which later on became the Murderdolls. But by credits it states its him on bass as Wednesday 6 but some believe it was a bassist named Snot. 

Track List

1. Make Me Hate
2. The Radio Song
3. Suffocate
4. Shez Gonna Go
5. Bastard Avenue
6. I Hate…
7. Punk On Junk
8. You Suck
9. Alice Is Dead
10. Mommyz In Rehab
11. Letz Fuck
12. I Used To Be In Love (Changed My Mind)
13. Put Out Or Get Out
14. Jokes On You
15. Nobody Special
16 .Shut Up And Fuck
17. Love Junk (I Don’t Want Your)

Band Members

Wednesday 6 – Bass
Katie Scabs – Drums
Joey Cocaine – Guitar
Tripp Eisen – Guitar
Dizzy Reject – Vocals

Personal View

Classic punk metal before the horror rock and the name change happened. Dizzy voice might take some time to get use to as he has the influence of Dead Kennedys and more head on punk bands.  Song and lyric wise though you can feel the energy and see where the Murderdolls came from and some of the songs are pre of Dress to Depress (Shez Gonna Go).  This record screams classic, maybe not Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 classic pure still classic. Typical punk with some tongue in cheek lyrics and some of the tunes are actually catchy like Alice Is DeadThe Radio Song and Put Out Or Get Out.   I Used To Be In Love (Changed My Mind) actually has some detailed guitar work for a punk band even.


The Rejects (1994 / 1999 – 2002)

The Rejects was created back in 1994 by Joey Jordison and Dizzy Dratik fronting the band. The band had a very underground punk feel at the time and non of the horror related themes. The band broke up when Joey decided to join Slipknot as a drummer.

The band went through members such as Corey Taylor (guitar) and Paul Grey (bass) but in 1999 Joey met up with Tripp Eisen and asked him if he was interested in a project that he was thinking of resurrecting. Tripp said yes and dragged along drummer from Dope Racci Shay (who was in the band earlier) and a  guy named Ian Wiseman on bass from Vampire Love Dolls.  Racci Shay did end up leaving the band and was replaced by Katie Scabs in 2002. 

(The Rejects Joey Jordison, Dizzy Draztik, Ian Wiseman, Racci  Shay and Tripp Eisen 2001 )

Joey also introduced Dizzy the music of the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and they thought about possibly bringing Wednesday 13 in the band. But it was not until 2001 when they offered Wednesday 13 a position in the band as a bassist.  Not long in the band Dizzy left the band as the front man for personal reasons (take care of his mother) and Wednesday 13 became the vocalist.  (Joey’s mom influenced this decision). Dizzy and Wednesday 13 (some say he was known as Wednesday 6 at this time) literally played one show together in early 2002. They changed the name of the band to Murderdolls and took on the horror theme and started to re-record old Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 songs in mid 2002. The idea of the name was Joeys but it took Wednesday’s influence to make it happen.

(The Rejects Wednesday 6, Dizzy Draztik, Katie Scabs, Tripp Eisen, Joey Jordison)

(Dizzy on vocals and Wednesday 6  on bass in the back 2002)

In 2002 The Rejects released a mix of recordings called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die.

(The Rejects in 2002 with Wednesday 6, Trip Eisen, Dizzy and Joey)

Dizzy released a CD called Love Songs for People that Hate in 2013 form The Rejects. Some of the recordings were recorded 17 years before the release.

The Rejects Joey Jordison (eyes covered due to Slipknot), Katie Scabs, Dizzy Draztik, Wednesday 6, Tripp Eisen



Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13 (197666 – Present)

Born on August 12th in 1976(66) under the name of Joseph Poole in Lexington, North Carolina  Wednesday 13 came to be. Taking the stage name from the daughter of the Addam’s Family and 13 from the address number of The Munsters and using his influences for music, horror movies, pop culture, G.I Joe, He-Man and anything dark and campy the man came to be.

In 1992 Wednesday 13 (he still used his real name at this point) he played guitar in the band Mizery, which later became Psycho Opera and which featured guitarist Abby Normal, drummer Jeff Washam, bassist Michael Patrick, and lead vocalist Todd Cage. Wednesday 13  left the band to form Maniac Spider Trash as lead vocalist, alongside Abby Normal and Michael Patrick joined by Sicko Zero on drums.


Maniac Spider Trash played local bars and the underground scene from 1992 till 1996. At first the band looked like your average high school band but as the music progressed the band started to take on an odd ball look of goth meets cat in the hat. The band recorded an EP called Dumpster Mummies and a full length record called Murder Happy Fairytales until the band disbanded.

(Wednesday 13 during the Maniac Spider Trash era)

In 1995 Wednesday 13 joined as a guitarist to the band Silly Scream. In the Early 90s (around 95) Rayen fronted the punk band named Silly Scream. The band went through a few members and even released a CD but this is when Rayen first met Wednesday 13 as he joined as a guitarist to the band before Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. This was also around the time Wednesday started to use the stage name Wednesday 13.

In 1996 Wednesday 13 took his image a bit higher when he created his next band called Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. This band included Maniac Spider Trash’s drummer, Sicko Zero. On bass we introduced a new member named Seaweed. The band dressed up as drag queens in flowing dresses, wigs and crazy ass make-up.  He wrote songs that were surrounded around murder, horror films, pop culture and just damn dark straight satire.

(Wednesday 13 during 1996 with FDQ)

While in the band he went through multiple members changes, even some back and forth and released a large collection of records. The Late, Late, Late Show (1996), Night of the Living Drag Queens (1998), Songs from the Recently Deceased (2000), Viva Las Violence (2001) and a couple of  after collections like 6 Years, 6 Feet Under the Influence (2004) and Little Box of Horrors  (2006). The stage presence of the band was normally dark, weird and a tad creepy. From the early stages of the live sets with chickens, dolls and Halloween decorations playing in small underground venues. The horror punk band would be jumping all over the stage during their presence.





(Wednesday 13 during Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 era of 96 – 2001)

The band officially broke up in 2001 – 2002 when he decided to calls the project quits and joined The Rejects. But he did rejoin the band again 2006 and then called it quits again in 2007.

In 2001 Wednesday 13 got asked to join as a bassist to a  new band called The Rejects. He changed his name at the time to Wednesday 6. Created by guitarists Tripp Eisen and Joey Jordison at the time singer Dizzy  Draztik (who introduced Joey to Wednesday 13 and Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 music).  Dizzy Draztik left the band because of personal issues Wednesday 6 changed his name back to Wednesday 13 and  stepped into the vocals role and was found as the new driving force behind the band. The influence of Joey’s mom helped Wednesday get the slot.


The Rejects changed their name to the Murderdolls at this time. The idea of the name was Joeys but it took Wednesday’s influence to make it happen. The band stayed within the goth image with a touch of old school Motley Crue and they released their first EP in 2002 called Right to Remain Violent which was consistent of three redone old Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13 songs.


Not long after the band members got settled did they release their first full length record Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls (which also was mostly redone Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13 songs with one Maniac Spider Trash song). The record was a big success and the band started to play in big metal shows like Big Day Out and toured the world. After the release of EP single of a remake of Billy Idols White Wedding in 2004 the band called it quits (but did not break up).

(Wednesday 13 during Murderdolls era 2002 – 2004)

2004 Wednesday 13 decided to do another kick at the can with the Frankenstein Drags and released a greatest hits called 6 Years, Feet Under the Influence. He figured with the success of the Murderdolls and getting his name out now was the time to do some limited shows and present some of the old school music. To support the shows he dressed back up in dragged, Abby Normal on bass and Sick Zero on drums.

(Wednesday 13 Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 2004 era)

In 2004 Wednesday 13 decided to do some solo shows called Graveyard A Go-Go which he used members of a band called Death Becomes Her for support. This was not to turn out to be anything big but what happened was he liked the idea and created a more dedicated band for support which included past Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 guitarist Ikky and started to tour again under the name Wednesday 13.

(Graveyard A Go-Go with Death Becomes You era 2004)

(Wednesday 13 with wife at the time Roxanne)

In 2005 Wednesday 13 released his first solo record called Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead. He stayed true to his horror themes and was a cross between Alice Cooper and his old group Murderdolls. He created a new supporting band for the record and the tour including opening for Alice Cooper himself and playing Donington.



(Wednesday 13  2005  91210 era)

Also in 2005 after finishing his first solo tour Wednesday 13 created a second group called Bourbon Crow. Unlike his past projects he joined former Wednesday 13 bassist/former Lunatic Candy Creep  front man Rayen Belchere (Kid Kid) under the alias of Jessie Crow. Wednesday 13 during this project changed his alias to Buck Bourbon and the music for the band was a total step away from the norm for them as it was old country.

(Bourbon Crow , Rayen Belchere (Kid Kid) and Wednesday 13)

In 2006 he released his second solo record called Fang Bang and toured for that record with past Murderdolls member Eric Griffin.




(Wednesday 13 during the Fang Bang era)

 Also in 2006 Bourbon Crow released their first record called Highway to Hangovers.

(Wednesday 13 as Buck Bourbon for Bourbon Crow)

2008 Wednesday 13 went back to his solo product and released his third record Skeletons along with a side EP called Bloodwork. The tour and record was a success so he released a live DVD and live CD to match it called Fuck it , We’ll Do it Live.

(Wednesday 13 during Skeletons era)

In 2009 Bourbon Crow recorded their second record called Long Way to the Bottom. 

Wednesday 13 decided around this time to start yet another product but pulling away from the horror themes and the backwoods country and more to his influence roots of glam rock. He got together with Todd Youth and created a new group called Gunfire 76. He cut his hair and went more for the 80s rock feel with power anthems and ballads feel. They recorded their first record called Casualties & Tragedies and toured lightly for it.

(Wednesday 13 during the Gunfire ‘ 76 era)

2010 Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 started talks again about bringing Murderdolls back. They started to write and record a much darker record and with all new material. They also decided not to reunite with any of the past members for this round. Women and Children Last was the name of the record and toured lightly also for this record and in 2011 Wednesday 13 announced the band was officially done.

(Wednesday 13 during the return of the Murderdolls era)

Wednesday 13 decided to start to focus back to his solo stuff after the success of the first three records. In 2011 he released Calling All Corpses and rebuilt his band. They toured for this record and it had more of campy fun sound this round.


In 2012 Wednesday 13 released a EP called Spook & Destroy which included two new songs and some remastered  old tracks.


(Wednesday 13 Calling All Corpses era)

(Wednesday 13 with daughter Zoie)

Wednesday 13 took his band and went right back into the studio and recorded his fifth record called The Dixie Dead in 2013. The record had more of out back hilly billy horror feel and he toured once again in support of the music.

wednesday-001 e8ea6954f56f326d3d58299d7211afac

(Wednesday 13 Dixie Dead era)

(Zoie and Wednesday 13)

In 2014 Wednesday 13 did something a little different and decided to release a unplugged record of old stuff. He called the record Undead Unplugged and with the music there was one new track. This also included some tracks that were found on Spook & Destroy EP.

(Wednesday 13 during Undead Unplugged era 2014)

2015 Bourbon Crow decided to do something a little different as they lost their label so Buck Bourbon and Jessie Crow announced a kickstarter fund to make the third record Off the Wagon on the Rocks.

At the same time of this Wednesday 13 in 2015 he wrote and recorded his darkest and one of his heaviest records called Monsters of the Universe: Come on Out and Plague.


This record was well reviewed and it was seen as a possible more mature record compared to his past stuff but it still did have a horror theme too it. He toured heavy to support this record and did a number of branched off shows for this. He started to focus more on the show theatrics much like his idols. He would dress in a robe with black make up and have laser lights on the palms of his hands, he had a voice overlay on the vocals at the show so his voice would echo and this was the first tour with the black goat/devil mask and the backwards man mask.



(Wednesday 13 Monster of the Universe era)

In 2016 he started to record his follow up to Monsters of the Universe called Condolences. He felt the title was fitting as a lot of his rock idols died that year. In 2017 they released the record and started to do rock videos again to support the very dark record. Wednesday 13 felt this was his darkest record to date when it came to lyrics and heaviest when it came to music.

Wednesday 13 started the tour off with a bang with a club show first then headed back to the Download Festival to launch and support the new CD.  The show had pyros and he played some of the new material live. From there they started a tour to support the record through the UK first then into the rest of North America. The theatrics continued as he upped his game with it. He introduced a white devils mask this time along with the bible and continued the backwards man.

(Wednesday 13 Condolences era)

(Wednesday 13 in 2018)

In 2018 he continued to support Condolences across the world. August 2018 due to the death of past drummer Ben Graves, W13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffin did a one night partial Murderdolls reunion in honor of Ben. The show was just about the music as you can sense the personal vibe on the members playing.

(Wednesday 13 live Bloodstock 2018)

October 2018 Wednesday 13 did his Halloween again in the UK but this time he split it up over the weekend. The Friday night they did Skeletons from beginning to end (not in order of the CD) to celebrate the 10th anniversary. (also Roman proposed to his girlfriend Shelly D’ Inferno on stage)The Saturday night Wednesday 13 did a special Frankenstein Drag Queens Set which the current members dressed in drag to honor the classics. This included a crazy show with large scissors, a blow up man sex doll (Nigel), a headless Donald Trump (screw driver to the head) and of course the classic Rambo gun.

(Wednesday 13 Ozzfest 2018)

(Wednesday 13 Halloween 2018)


(Wednesday 13 during the FDQFP13 show October 2018)

Continuing the consent touring of Condolences they did an another round of dates. Wednesday 13 changed the show up again with songs and theatrics. He dressed as a witch from the Wizard of Oz, the white devil mask, black goat devil mask and the backwards man again.

Beginning of 2019 he started to tour again with the band but this time joined as a opener with Cradle of Filth. (with side opener Raven Black). His set list was dropped to  a smaller one as they toured North America again as a opening band. They played tunes with this set list which were darker and dropped I Love to Say Fuck and Bad Things from the set list.  Wednesday 13 did more masks and make up in on this tour which included the hook hand, some glow in the dark body make up, the eye patch and the backwards man.  During this tour they also started to play one new song called Zodiac that will appear on the soon to come record Necrophaze called Zodiac.

(Wednesday 13 2019 showing off the eye patch)


(Wednesday 13 new haircut in 2019 to support Cradle of Filth (done recording of Necrophaze)

(Wednesday 13 in early 2019 supporting Cradle of Filth)

After the Cradle of Filth tour mid 2019 Wednesday 13 got added to the Static X / Devildriver/ Dope tour dedicated to Wayne Static. Along with Raven Black (who opened for them on the Cradle of Filth tour) that tour North America, UK and Australia. Summer of 2019 Wednesday 13 joined Devildriver, Raven Black and Dope to celebrate the life of Wayne Static and the new Static X on tour. This included yes a shorter set list again as he was second stage after Raven Black but he started to use even more glow stage make up for effects.

In the late summer of 2019 Wednesday 13 released the first single Decomposed as a sample of what was to come with Necrophaze. Two weeks later a video trailer came out for Zodiac. Which is a 2 min clip of Wednesday 13 posing as the new villain.

In August 2019 Wednesday 13 release the 3rd sample of the new song called Bring Your Own Blood. In September on Friday the 13th he released the title track Necrophaze.

The band with horror TCM2 scream queen Caroline Williams

(Wednesday 13 band in 2019)

Part of the pre-order of Necrophaze he released limited action figures. One very limited in glowing green and another in standard black of the Necrophaze character.

After the released of Necrophaze they released a small commercial for Necroflakes on youtube.com. During this time it was announced again the Wednesday 13 would continue again the trek of the UK, Australia and USA with the Static X tour with Dope to support the new record. The stage show continued with the glowing make up, masks, the hook hand, glowing worms and even a bag over his head during the song Zodiac while waving a ax. The set list was a lot shorter and mostly made up of tracks from the new record.

Wednesday 13 and the famous worms

In November Wednesday 13 again released a limited action figure this time for the Death Hook character.

At the end of November 2019 Wednesday 13 released an unreleased track of Gary Numan’s  Films digitally.

During March 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and this caused the cancellation of a chunk of W13 tour to support Necrophaze. He started up a monthly payment fan club online called Necrophazerz to help keep in touch with fans and also still make some financial gain .  This is all through the Instagram platform.

In March a video was released online for the song The Hearse.

Around late April 2020 Wednesday 13 announces a late summer fall tour with the Haxens with the hope social distancing will be listed.  Wednesday 13 also around the same time during his Necrophazerz that he will be doing a Wednesday’s World spot.

With the work with HorrorBiz Wednesday started to release masks and a Zodiac Killer kits with worms, goo and a knife. He also released a Zodiac Killer figure also within the toy collection.

Wednesday 13 hinted that he has done a remake of the famous INX Devil Inside and there was a picture of himself and Jack that surfaced of a possible video for the new track.

After many toys and new shirts released with the Necrophazerz fan club in  August of 2020 Wednesday 13 announced that there will be a Necrophaze comic book to be released.