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Wednesday 13 – Dead Meat: 10 Years of Blood, Feathers & Lipstick (2014)

Wednesday 13 brought out a second box set in 2014 to represent his solo career and stuff from 2003-2013. It features 4 discs. A best of compilation, a collection of demos and the entire Re-Animated EP with extra remixes.


Track List

Disc 1: Best of the Worst

1 Mr Motherfucker
2 I Love To Say Fuck
3 Rambo
4 Bad Things
5 Scream Baby Scream
6 Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
7 Skeletons
8 From Here To the Hearse
9 I Wanna Be Cremated
10 Calling All Corpses
11 Something Wicked This Way Comes
12 The Dixie Dead
13 Get Your Grave On
14 Hail Ming
15 House By The Cemetery (Live)
16 Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell
17 Xanaxtasy (new)
18 It’s a Wonderful Lie (new)

Disc 2: Homesweet Demo-cide
1 I Walked With a Zombie
2 Creature Feature (Scream Baby Scream)
3 Pieces of You
4 Post Mortem Boredom (new)
5 House By the Cemetery
6 Homicide Dr.
7 I Want You Dead
8 Nothings Gonna Be Alright
9 Doomsday Afternoon (new)
10 Bored Till Death
11 Brand New Hell (Nowhere) (new)
12 Die Sci Fi
13 Till Death Do Us Party (new not the same)
14 Lipstick (new)
15 A Moment of Violence (new)
16 Morgue and Mindy(new)
17 Haddonfield
18 The Saw is Family (new)
19 The World According To Revenge
20 My Homesweet Homicide
21 Upon This Noose (new)
22 Motherfucker See, Motherfucker Do
23 Crawl (new)
24 Curse of Me
25 Rubber Mask (new)
26 Teenage Wasteoid In Babylon (Babylon)
27 Horror Day (new)
28 Spider Baby Crawl (new)

Disc 3: Homesweet Demo-cide
1 Dead Carolina
2 Death Valley Superstars
3 Skeletons
4 Hello Goodbye Die
5 Rock N Roll is All I Got
6 Nightmare Man (new)
7 My Demise
8 Silver Bullets
9 Save The Last Grave (new)
10 I Wanna Be Cremated
11 We All Die
12 From Here To the Hearse
13 They Always Go For the Butcher Knife (new)
14 Something Wicked This Way Comes
15 Be My Exorcist (new)
16 Drug Me To Hell
17 Hanging By a Thread (new)
18 Halloween 1313
19 What Ever You Got I’m Against It
20 Blood Fades To Black
21 Creep For Life (new)
22 The Funeral Ball (new)
23 As the Daylight Died (Summertime Suicide) (new)
24 Bloodsucker Motherfucker
25 Curse The Living
26 Get Your Grave On
27 Ghost Stories
28 The Dixie Dead

Disc 4: Re-Animated Resurrected
1 All American Massacre” (Skull Soup Mix)
2 Gimmie, Gimmie Bloodshed” (Punishment & Cookies Mix)
3 No Rabbit In the Hat” (Shotgun Solution Mix)
4 Put Your Death Mask On” (Meat Hooker Mix)
5 Scream Baby Scream” (Ghost Boo-Ty Mix)
6 Bad Things” (Suffocation Celebration Mix)
7 Rambo (Bullets & Bloodshed Mix)
8 I Wanna Be Cremated” (Fun In Funeral Mix)
9 Get Your Grave On” (Abra-Cadaver Mix)
10 Hail Ming” (Reign In Green Blood Mix)

Personal View – Nothing wrong with getting more rare and lots of lost stuff for my Wednesday 13 collection. Demos are always fun and when the lyrics are even different it is almost like another song. Except some of the demos are just parts and teasers. Not the strongest of tracks but the song bites and rarities are great. Love record cover also as it is so Wednesday 13 ….. ” and a bucket of chicken”

 Some of the songs sit still on the fence like It’s a Wonderful Lie, Lipstick, Upon This Noose, Be My Exorcist, They Always Go For the Butcher Knife, Nightmare Man and  Rubber Mask.

Bu there are more songs in this set that I think would of been a nice addition on later records like  the very short Post Mortem Boredom, Xanaxtasy, Doomsday Afternoon, A Moment of Violence , Morgue and Mindy, Crawl, Horror Day, The Funeral Ball, Save The Last Grave, The Saw is Family and Spider Baby Crawl .

The true gems of the box set is Morgue and Mindy, Xanaxtasy and Spider Baby Crawl.