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The Rejects – Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die (2014)

Recorded possibly in 2000 / 2001 The Rejects recorded their first record called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die. Once again it is a CD full of what to be known Murderdoll songs. Yet gain much like the later release of Love Songs for People that Hate, the bass could be some Wednesday 6 and some Ian Wiseman.

Track List

1 People Hate Me
2 Everybody’s Everything
3 Refuse To Rot
4 She’s My Slut
5 Crash Crash
6 Either Way I’m Fucked
7 Everything About You Sucks (Except For Your Drugs)
8 You Suck
9 I Fell In Love With A Zombie
10 Makes Me Hate

Band Members

Wednesday 6 / Ian Wiseman – Bass
Racci Shay – Drums
Joey Jordison (Mr. Pathetic )– Guitar
Tripp Eisen – Guitar
Dizzy Reject – Vocals

Personal View

This record has some classic first like People Hate Me, Everybody’ s Everything (B movie Queen) , Refuse to Rot (Lets Go to War which is odd as it was released as FDQFP13 years before) and I Fell In Love With A Zombie (I’m in Love With a Teenage Zombie) . Much of this records you can hear the everything that the Murderdolls did that was not Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13.  The more I dig and find such gems the more I respect the core and roots of Wednesday 13. Even though it is not Wednesday 13 on vocals this is a must have for hard core fans.  Classic record and was glad I tracked this one down.






Murderdolls – Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls (2002)

After releasing the teaser of Right to Remain Violent the Murderdolls decided it was time  to unleash all they had in their collection of Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 , The Rejects and Maniac Spider Trash playlist. During the writing and re-recording process Wednesday 13 took one track called Hooray for Horrorwood to create the new track Dead in Hollywood. Also the track Motherfucker from Maniac Spider Trash became Motherfucker, I Don’t Care. A few others came from the Rejects days just prior.

In late August 2002 the Murderdolls released Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls.

Some of the material on this records was also some unreleased demos from Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 so seeing the Murderdolls doing this was fresh for the fans. The band finalized its line-up for to support this  record as not long after Tripp Eisen left the band and was replaced by Acey Slade.

The record went to number 40 in the UK and they played some pretty big shows to support this record. The first single was Dead in Hollywood, second single was Love at First Fright and the third single was the Billy Idol remake of White Wedding.


Track List

1 Slit My Wrist
2 Twist My Sister
3 Dead in Hollywood
4 Love at First Fright
5 People Hate Me
6 She Was a Teenage Zombie
7 Die My Bride
8 Graverobbing U.S.A.
9 197666
10 Dawn of the Dead
11 Let’s Go to War
12 Dressed to Depress
13 Kill Miss America
14 B-Movie Scream Queen
15 Motherfucker, I Don’t Care
16 Crash Crash (bonus track)
17 Let’s Fuck (bonus track)
18 I Take Drugs (bonus track)
19 White Wedding (bonus track)
20 Welcome to the Strange (bonus track)
21 I Love to Say Fuck (bonus track)

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Bass

Joey Jordison – Drums, Guitar

Tripp Eisen – Guitar

Touring Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals

Joey Jordison – Guitar

Acey Slade – Guitar

Eric Griffon – Bass

Ben Graves – Drums

Personal View – This is the record that got me started in my Wednesday 13 frenzy. The recordings are clear and fresh and the sound has more of metal edge to it instead of the punk. The bonus tracks are hit and miss but that’s why they are bonus tracks. Overall there is not a bad song on this record but it would of been nice to have more audio samples in it. Sure I still love the originals more from the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and Maniac Spider Trash but if it was not for the imagery that reminded myself of the great Motley Crue days (Shout at the Devil era) then I may have missed the Wednesday 13 boat all together.