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Wednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead (2013)

Right after the Calling All Corpses tour Wednesday 13 went right back into the studio and did a more hill billy horror theme record called The Dixie Dead. Like other Wednesday 13 records and song writing the songs were based around horror films and geek culture.

Everything from puns of Motley Crue, vampires, Poltergeist movie, Flash Gordons enemy Ming the Merciless and even a anthem that some believe is directed to Joey Jordison (Fuck You (In Memory Of…).  This record had a mixed bag of material.

Much like the last record this one had similar sounds when it came to backing vocals but the tracks were not just set to a certain tone as some songs were heavy while others had a touch of Bourbon Crow to them. Wednesday 13 toured to support the record with the same band that he had out last time.


Track List

1 Death Arise (Intro)
2 Blood Sucker
3 Get Your Grave On
4 Curse the Living
5 Too Fast for Blood
6 Hail Ming
7 Coming Attractions
8 The Dixie Dead
9 Ghost Stories
10 Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
11 Carol Anne…They’re Here
12 Hands of the Ripper
13 Death Arise (Overture)

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Keyboards

Roman Surman -Guitar

Jack Tankersley – Guitar

Troy Doebbler  – Bass

Jason “Shakes” West – Drums

Personal View – This record is a hit and miss for me. The sound for me does not do it when it comes to back vocals. Its too loud and chant like. But some of the songs are real great such as the title track (which you must use the intro Coming Attractions to get the full effect), Ghost Stories and one of my personal favorites Carol Anne…They’re Here.

But there are a few tracks on this record which I find is trying to hard, one that stands out is Fuck You (In Memory Of…) but then again it might be because it has more of Bourbon Crow sound. Not a bad record overall but not his strongest.