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Wednesday 13 – Monsters of the Universe : Come Out and Plague (2015)

Early in 2015 Wednesday 13 released his sixth solo record called Monsters of the Universe : Come Out and Plague. This record was different then what he has written before as it had more elements of sci-fi and space and the unknown. In the past his writing has been around horror but this round it was more sci-fi. another difference with this record also was this was the first time that someone else was involved in the writing, Roman Surman wrote Planet Eater: Interstellar 187.

Wednesday 13  offered fans their names in the booklet on gravestones and royal ghouls appearing in artwork he has offered 13 fans the opportunity to name the 13 monsters, planets and lifeforms that would be appearing in the CD booklet on his MorgueThanMerch store.

Wednesday 13 changed his stage presence a bit this round by using black make-up, small strop lights on the palms of his hands, a devils mask and a few other things like green flames to make the show more interesting.  He wanted to up the game on stage and head more into more theatrics much like his idols of music.

The singles on the record was Come on out and Plague, Keep Watching the Skies and Serpent Society.


Track List

1 The Fall of All
2 Keep Watching The Skies
3 Astro Psycho – Galactic Blood-Drive
4 Come Out and Plague
5 I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed
6 Bloodline 666
7 Serpent Society
8 Bombs, Guns, Gods – This is a War
9 Planet Eater: Interstellar 187
10 I Love Watching You Die
11 Into The Crop Circle
12 Over Your Dead Body
13 The Arrival
14 Monsters of the Universe

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Guitar

Roman Surman – Guitar

Jack Tankersley  – Guitar

Troy Doebbler – Bass

Kyle Castronovo – Drums

Personal View – This record is way heavier than what he has done in the past or at least seems darker. I was not sure about the lack of horror and more unknown but after a few listens the record is actually pretty decent and strong. The top ranking tune on this record are Monsters of the Universe, I Love Watching You Die, Into The Crop Circle, Keep Watching The Skies, Serpent Society and Bombs, Guns, Gods – This is a War . Overall this record is solid and is one of his best solo wise. New direction and something that you can stomp your foot too.