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Wednesday 13 – Condolences (2017)

In 2017 Wednesday 13 talked about doing and releasing his darkest record yet. He wanted to keep the same band together as the last record as he felt this build a tighter connection and it worked. He mentioned that the work would be more based around the eyes of a serial killer and darker lyrics.  After doing an unplugged tour with part of his band and Bourbon Crow this was a nice change.

He named the record Condolences due to the number of stars deaths and it felt like it was becoming more a common word in his world.

The band released a video for What the Night Brings first to set the pace for the up coming record. The second was released about a month later for Blood Sick (bit of a Spider Baby theme). Third video released was the comic driven Cruel to You. The forth video was released on release day of the cd for the title track Condolences. (which he used the fake tacked of his own death to prompt).

The tour itself to support the record was louder and more aggressive. Spider web images dot the background with a bright red logo of the name. One of the first shows for the tour was playing at the Download Festival with an addition to the stage of pyrotechnics from a trio of ladies.  Into the tour Wednesday 13 had to cancel a few dates due to his daughter Zoie Starr having a baby.

Track List

1 Last Rites
2 What the Night Brings
3 Cadaverous
4 Blood Sick
5 Good Riddance
6 You Breathe, I Kill
7 Omen Amen
8 Cruel to You
9 Eulogy XIII
10 Prey for Me
11 Lonesome Road to Hell
12 Condolences
13 Death Infinity

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Guitar

Roman Surman – Guitar

Jack Tankersley  – Guitar

Troy Doebbler – Bass

Kyle Castronovo – Drums

Personal View – Being waiting it seems forever for this record and finally it is here. This record does not disappoint when it comes to darker lyrics and heavier.  Going in the same heavy vein of the last record but more driven with killer tunes with less campiness. Some of the tunes that drive and stick out from this record (after many listens) are the opening track What the Night Brings, Cadaverous (necro feel again and I love when he sings about this topic), Blood Sick (one of the strongest tracks I personally find from W13), Omen Amen (heavy as hell and driven), Condolences (very classic Alice Cooper sound, nice guitar in the middle added touch), You Breathe, I Kill ( is very heavy and maybe the darkness yet, makes you want to kick some ass), Prey for Me (heavy riff and a nice drum track) and the ender was a surprise Death Infinity as I was waiting for an outro much like past records.

There really are no lacking tracks on this record even the rare ones took a couple listens and not long before my head and foot was going.  Love the direction of this record went and the way Wednesday 13 is marching towards creepier and darker stuff. Don’t get me wrong I love the campy side also (huge FDQFP13 fan) but this a nice killer soundtrack to be played and listened in order. “Sorry for you Loss” and “I fucking like it