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Silly Scream (1994)

Wednesday 13 joined the punk band Silly Scream very briefly in 1994 before doing Frankenstein Drag Queens.

This is the band that he first played with Rayene Belchere (before he became Kid Kid) and R.S. Saidso.

In this band Ray was the singer, R.S, on drums and Wednesday played guitar and this was also the first time he officially went by the name Wednesday 13.

He only played one show with the band and also was not on the record that they did release.

The Rejects (1994 / 1999 – 2002)

The Rejects was created back in 1994 by Joey Jordison and Dizzy Dratik fronting the band. The band had a very underground punk feel at the time and non of the horror related themes. The band broke up when Joey decided to join Slipknot as a drummer.

The band went through members such as Corey Taylor (guitar) and Paul Grey (bass) but in 1999 Joey met up with Tripp Eisen and asked him if he was interested in a project that he was thinking of resurrecting. Tripp said yes and dragged along drummer from Dope Racci Shay (who was in the band earlier) and a  guy named Ian Wiseman on bass from Vampire Love Dolls.  Racci Shay did end up leaving the band and was replaced by Katie Scabs in 2002. 

(The Rejects Joey Jordison, Dizzy Draztik, Ian Wiseman, Racci  Shay and Tripp Eisen 2001 )

Joey also introduced Dizzy the music of the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and they thought about possibly bringing Wednesday 13 in the band. But it was not until 2001 when they offered Wednesday 13 a position in the band as a bassist. Not long in the band Dizzy left the band as the front man for personal reasons (take care of his mother) and Wednesday 13 became the vocalist. Dizzy and Wednesday 13 (some say he was known as Wednesday 6 at this time) literally played one show together in early 2002. They changed the name of the band to Murderdolls and took on the horror theme and started to re-record old Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 songs in mid 2002.

(The Rejects Wednesday 6, Dizzy Draztik, Katie Scabs, Tripp Eisen, Joey Jordison)

(Dizzy on vocals and Wednesday 6  on bass in the back 2002)

In 2002 The Rejects released a mix of recordings called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die.

(The Rejects in 2002 with Wednesday 6, Trip Eisen, Dizzy and Joey)

Dizzy released a CD called Love Songs for People that Hate in 2013 form The Rejects. Some of the recordings were recorded 17 years before the release.

The Rejects Joey Jordison (eyes covered due to Slipknot), Katie Scabs, Dizzy Draztik, Wednesday 6, Tripp Eisen



Gunfire 76 (2009-2010)

Gunfire 76 (2009-2010)

Wednesday 13 in 2009 decided to write and record an album with a more glam rock sound and without any horror themes. After talking to Todd Youth of the Chelsea Smiles help write the record. The name of the band was Gunfire 76 and the lyrics were more tailored to glam and sleaze then the dark campy stuff that he was known for.


(Wednesday 13 during the Gunfire 76 era)

GUNFIRE 76 will be my extension into the rock world,” says Wednesday. “After touring with THE CHELSEA SMILES, Todd Youth and I would find ourselves discussing the bands we grew up on and decided to put a band together that fits more of the rock and roll sound of KISS, DEAD BOYS, NEW YORK DOLLS, THE STOOGES and the in-your-face rock n roll sound. Not being signed to a record label allows me to create new projects and continue growing as an artist.”

In August 2009 Wednesday 13 shared on the Myspace page some samples of what Gunfire 76 was going to sound.

Their first record named Casualties & Tragedies came out in October  of 2009 and they did a small tour through into 2010 in support of it. Wednesday 13 dropped the heavy make-up and went for a new look with cropped hair and more a TRex/New York Dolls like feel.  During the tour he grabbed once again guitarist Roman Surman , second guitarist Dave Muselman, bassist Scott Whalen and drummer Rob Hammersmith. The music itself sounds like old school Alice Cooper from the 70s era.

(Gunfire’76 live in 2009)

Half through the tour Wednesday 13 changed the line-up for Gunfire’76, Scott was replaced with Nate Manor on bass and Dave was replaced with Jack Tankersley in 2010.



Bourbon Crow (2005 – Present)

Bourbon Crow (2005 – Present)

In 2005 Wednesday 13 decided to go back to his childhood roots and started a old country music project called Bourbon Crow. He took on the persona of Buck Bourbon and worked with former bassist Rayen Kid Kid Belchere to write and perform old country songs in the same vein of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.

Wednesday 13 stepped away from his horror like themes for this project and focused on outlaw country topics like drinking, sex and death. Rayen took the persona of Jessie Crow and the two them started to record and write their first record called Highways to Hangovers which got released in 2006.


(Buck Bourbon and Jessie Crow)

In 2007 the band  vocalists Buck Bourbon and Jessie Crow along with support of bassist Nate Manor and guitarist Roman Surman  wanted to do a small tour for support of the project. Unfortunate Wednesday 13 was in a car accident and the tour got cancelled.

In 2009 they reunited and decided to record a second record called Long Way to the Bottom. They did select shows and support for this unplugged venture.


(Bourbon Crow (Jessie Crow, Buck Bourbon, Roman Surman, Nate Manor)

Due to lack of record label in 2015 the band then decided to start a kickstarter to get money to produce their third record called Off the Wagon on the Rocks.

The band currently plays off and on shows when Wednesday 13 is not busy with his popular solo career.




Murderdolls (2002-2004 / 2010-2011 / 2018)

Murderdolls (2002-2004 / 2010-2011)

The Murderdolls originally came from the idea of Joey Jordison when he was in a band known as The Rejects. The Rejects split up when Joey decides to the leave the band as his newer and more aggressive band Slipknot was signing a record deal. At some point in 1999 Joey decide to do another side project and bring The Rejects back. He met with past vocalist Dizzy Draztik, guitar player from Static X named Tripp Eisen, drummer from Dope Racci Shay, and some unknown bassist named Ian at that time.

Dizzy introduced Joey to the music of The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and talked him into inviting front man Wednesday 13 in 2001 to be the new bassist. Not long after Dizzy left the band to take of personal matters with his mother and Wednesday 13 moved from bass to vocals for the band. At this time the band changed their name also to Murderdolls and took over where the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 left off. the image of band was a cross between Motley Crue (in the 83 era) meets Marilyn Manson.

The band started to play their music and started to create some new material with the same horror themes.  The first record was started to be done and it was made up mostly of old Wednesday 13 songs.

In 2002 after the record was done they brought in a new drummer Ben Graves and a bass player named Eric Griffon. The record was seen as a EP called Right to Remain Violent. Not long after they released a full length records called Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls.




(Early Group Shots 2002 of Murderdolls when Tripp Eisen was in the band.)

Not long after the release of the record and some shows Tripp Eisen announced that he will be going to back to his old band Static X and was replaced with new guitarist Acey Slade. The band went on to do a very successful tour run in support of the record with bands like Iron Maiden and the Foo Fighters.


In 2003 the band released an EP single for the Billy Idol remake of White Wedding. They kept touring successfully until the beginning of 2004 when Joey announced that he was going to work more on the Slipknot project but Wednesday 13 and Joey both said the band did not break up.

(Murderdolls during the Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls era with Acey Slade.)

After a long break in the band as Joey kept working with Slipknot and Wednesday 13 did a pile of solo records and other projects, in 2010 they both announced that they were going to work on a new record. The band was mostly new except for Joey and Wednesday but they brought back Racci Shay and Jason “”Shakes” West later on  drums and new members guitarist Roman Surman and bassist Jack Tankersley. The second record was called Women & Children Last and was a much darker CD.

Murderdolls 2010-2011 era (Roman, Jason, Joey, W13, Jack)

(Murderdolls tour poster)

The band did some touring with Guns n’ Roses, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Ozzfest in the UK. Before the band got into the North American side of the tour Joey decided to join Rob Zombie and deal with the death of past Slipknot member Paul Gray.

(Murderdolls UK Poster)

In 2011 Wednesday 13 announced that the Murderdolls were split for good.


Murderdolls 2010 era (W13/Joey)

In 2018 after the passing of Ben Ghoul Graves from his battle of cancer, they had a 1 show reunion of some members. Wednesday 13, Acey Slade and Eric Griffon got together and paid respect with a opening set list.

Murderdolls 1 night semi reunion for Ben the Ghoul Graves in 2018.









The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (1996 / 1997-2002 / 2005-2006 / 2018)

The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (1996 / 1997-2002 / 2005-2006/ 2018)

The band was formed in 1996 by Wednesday 13, who left Maniac Spider Trash with band mate Sicko Zero and a guy named Seaweed. The band’s members changed a lot off and on recordings and shows but here is a break down of some of the main stuff.


(The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 original  line up early 96 era… Seaweed, Wednesday 13 and Sicko Zero)

The band based themselves as trio at first that dressed in loose dresses, bad wigs, aweful make-up with a loud punk metal sound. Being influenced by the past band Maniac Spider Trash, Kiss, Alice Cooper and possibly the New York Dolls this band started to play underground bars in North Carolina.

Wednesday 13 was vocalist and guitar player, Seaweed was now bassist and Sicko Zero was the drummer.  In the first two weeks the first record was written and recorded within 2 days of that. The Late, Late , Late Show got released and was sold at the shows which were not overly popular at first.  The stag show was bad up of parts of Halloween decorations, dolls, a chicken named Omar and anything else the band could find including a masked man by the name of the Confederate Crusader (for 197666). Wednesday 13 reflects back to his time as funny as the band did anything they could at the time to piss the audience off instead of trying to gain a following.

(The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 original  line up early 96 era with 197666 star  Confederate Crusader)

By the end of 1996 Wednesday 13 fired Seaweed and was replaced with a guy named Rat Bastard and then finally Sicko Zero quit and the band broke up.

In 1997 the band reformed again with Wednesday 13 as vocals and guitar, Seaweed on bass, a new guy named Creepy on guitar and a new drummer named Scabs. Creepy did not last long in the band (about 2 weeks) to be replaced by  Abby Normal. The band went from a trio to a quartet and when things just started to get back to normal Scabs left the band to be replaced with a new drummer named R.S. Saidso.  With this line up the band recorded a unnamed EP and was sold only at shows along with a FDQ sticker.

During the tour late 1997  Abby Normal had a fallen out with drummer R.S. Saidso which lead to be being dismissed by the band and replaced by guitarist Sydney.

(R.S. Saidso, Sydney, Seaweed and Wednesday 13 in 1997)

Not long after as funny as it sounds R.S. Saidso then quit the band to form Dragster 66.

In 1998 Sicko Zero rejoined the band again as the drummer. The new line up was Wednesday 13, Sydney, Sicko Zero and Seaweed. the band went into the recording studio and recorded their second record Night of the Living Drag Queen.


(The Frankenstein Drag Queens during the 97 -98 era with Sicko Zero back and they dropped the wigs)


(The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 ’98 era (return of Sicko Zero) and the wigs)

After a semi successful underground tour Sydney decided to leave the band and Wednesday 13 left the band again as a trio.

(1998-1999 era as a trio again, Seaweed, Sicko Zero, Wednesday 13)


In 1999 the band went back into the studio again to record their third record called Songs From the Recently Deceased. During this time the band also released a rare demo copy of the lost track Hey Mom I Just Killed a Chicken.


(Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 98 -99 era as a trio again)

The toured on support of the record and in 2000 they band decided to add a guitarist named Ikky and this displeased Sicko Zero so he left the band yet again.

2001 the band welcomed back drummer Scabs and the band decided to change their look at the same time. They dropped the wigs and looked even more uglier with the wild make-up and cross dressings.


They recorded their fourth record called Viva Las Violence just during the process Seaweed left the band half way through and a new player named JaCkY Boi had to finish it. The band toured hard for this record and did other recordings while on the road. JaCkY Boi left the band and was then replaced with another bassist named IT.


(The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13′ 2001 era with IT, Wednesday 13, Ikky and Scabs)

By 2002 Wednesday 13 announced that he would be leaving to join a new project known as the Murderdolls.

After huge success of the Murderdolls Wednesday 13 decided in 2005 to release new recordings of classic The Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13 material and a new track called Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell. This new record was called 6 Years, 6 Feet Under the Influence and all the instruments were done by Wednesday 13 himself. After the success of the Murderdolls there was a demand from new fans of Wednesday 13 to see and hear the classic The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.  So in 2005 Wednesday13 brought the band back with Abby Normal and Sicko Zero and did select shows. The band continued with the dresses and wigs again until in 2005 they disbanded totally for his solo project.

The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 ‘2005 era (return of Abby Normal and Sicko Zero)

In 2006 they released a box set of records and rare tracks called Little Box of Horrors. Since that Wednesday 13 has worked on his many other projects.

October 2018 Wednesday 13 did his Halloween again in the UK but this time he split it up over the weekend. The Friday night they did Skeletons from beginning to end to celebrate the 10th anniversary. (also Roman proposed to his girlfriend Shelly D’ Inferno on stage)The Saturday night Wednesday 13 did a special Frankenstein Drag Queens Set with the current members of the band.

(The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 show in 2018 (Roman Surman, Troy Doebbler, Jack Tankersley, Kyle Castronovo, Wednesday 13))






















Maniac Spider Trash (1992-1996)

Wednesday 13‘s started his music journey around 1992 when he played guitar in the band Mizery, which later became Psycho Opera and which featured guitarist Abby Normal, drummer Jeff Washam, bassist Michael Patrick, and lead vocalist Todd Cage.


(The band with Kevin Fite.)

(very old demo with original names on it for bookings)

Wednesday 13 left that band to form Maniac Spider Trash as lead vocalist, with Abby Normal (guitar) and  Kevin Fite (bassist), joined by new comer Sicko Zero on drums who replaced Eddie Ford. . Michael Patrick joined the band to replace Kevin. 


(Wednesday 13, Michael Patrick, Abby Normal, Sicko Zero)

(Maniac Spider Trash show flyer)

Maniac Spider Trash released one demo tape called , Dumpster Mummies in 1994.

(Sicko Zero and Wednesday 13)

The next  album named Murder Happy Fairytales, was in 1995 but never got full release until 2010.

(Wednesday 13 live with Maniac Spider Trash)

(Wednesday 13 live with Maniac Spider Trash)

(A collection of flyers and the demo tape of Dummster Mummies)