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Scott Whalen

Scott Whalen (2009 – 2010)

Scott Whalen came in as a bass player from Econoline Crush joining as bassist for Gunfire’76.  In 2010 he was replaced by Nate Manor to finish the tour.

Wednesday 13 and Scott Whalen

Scott Whalen in 2009


Dave Musselman

Dave Musselman (2009 – 2010)

Dave Mussleman joined the touring band for Gunfire’76 in 2009 as a second guitar player to play along with Roman Surman. Dave came from Jet Black Stare, he was replaced with Jack Tankersley in 2010.

Dave Musselman is located on the left middle beside Roman Surman

Dave Musselman on the left in 2009

Rob Hammersmith

Rob Hammersmith (2009 – 2010)

Rob Hammermith joined the touring band for Gunfire’76 project in 2009 as the drummer. Rob was in the band Rockets to Ruin at the time.  He was the only member besides Wednesday 13 and Roman Surman that stayed as a member for the whole tour.  After the tour he became the drummer for the classic 80s metal band Skid Row.

Rob Hammersmith part of Gunfire ’76

Death Becomes You (2004)

The Florida punk horror band, Death Becomes You was the support band for Wednesday 13 during his first solo stint on the Graveyard A Go-Go tour in 2004. They played as an opening band and also the support band for Wednesday 13.  This was not to be a permanent solution just till he created his first main band with (at one time Ikky) Kid Kid, Piggy D and Ghastly to support the release of Transylvania 90210.

Wednesday 13 with Death Becomes You.

Jason “Shakes” West

Jason “Shakes” West (2011 –  2014)

Jason “Shakes” West can from a support drummer for Sebastian Bach,  he joined as a drummer for Wednesday 13 during the end of the Murderdolls tour for Women and Children Last, after that  they regrouped to record Calling All Corpses in 2011 . He did the record and finished the tour.

He was also part of the band during the recording of the EP Spook and Destroy in 2012. He continued in the band in 2013 for The Dixie Dead and also continued that tour to the end .

In 2015 Jason did the recording of the drums for Wednesday 13 for Monsters of the Universe. He did the first part of the tour but was replaced by the keyboardist Kyle Castronovo, who took over the drum role and went on with Evil United.




Jason “Shakes” West





Jason Trioxin

Jason Trioxin (2008 – 2010 )

Jason Trioxin can from his own horror punk band named Mister Monster. He  joined Wednesday 13 as a guitarist during the Skeletons tour to replace Jamie Hoover and can be seen and heard on the CD/DVD Fuck it , We’ll do it Live.

Jason was replaced by Jack Tankersley in 2010 and then continued as back to his own band Mister Monster .


Jason Trioxin on the left in the back

j-sin-trioxin jason-trioxin

Jason Trioxin