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Rat Bastard

Rat Bastard (1996)

Rat Bastard (aka Crazy Eddie) replaced Seaweed on bass for the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 late 1996.  Not much is known of Rat Bastard except that he jumped on bass and did a number of live shows before himself and Sicko Zero called it quits and it ended the band for that time.

Rat Bastard and Sicko Zero in late 1996

Sicko Zero, Rat Bastard and Wednesday 13 late 1996


Katie Scabs

Katie Scabs (2002)

Katie Scabs replaced Racci Shay in the band The Rejects in 2002. Katie Scabs did not do too many shows with the band as Dizzy left the group and Wednesday 6 changed his name back to Wednesday 13 , took on the vocals and they changed the name of the band to the Murderdolls.

Katie Scabs on drums in 2002 for The Rejects.

The Rejects Joey, Katie, Dizzy, Wednesday 6 and Tripp

Dizzy Draztik

Dizzy Draztik (1999-2002)

Dizzy Draztik was the singer of a band called the Rejects back in 1994 with Joey Jordison . The band broke up due to the creation of Slipknot but by 1999 Joey resurrected the band with Dizzy.

Joey introduced Dizzy to the music of the Frankenstein Drag Queens of Planet 13 and they tried to drag Wednesday 13 into the band a few times. It was not until 2001 that Wednesday 13 joined Dizzy in The Rejects as a bassist. Not long after Dizzy left the band to take of his mother and Wednesday 13 moved into the vocalist spot and changed the name of the band to the Murderdolls. Dizzy then started a new band called Bomb Pop Mafia. 

In 2002 The Rejects released a mix of recordings called Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready to Die. Dizzy released a CD called Love Songs for People that Hate in 2013 form The Rejects. Some of the recordings were recorded 17 years before the release.

Dizzy during The Rejects era of 2001

Wednesday 13 and Dizzy Draztik

The Rejects during Wednesday 6 (13) and Dizzy

Wednesday 6, Katie Scabs and Dizzy live in 2002

Joe Letz

Joe Letz (2007)

Joe Letz stepped in fill in for Racci Shay in late 2007 on tour due to a family death.  Joe Letz was just a  fill in drummer for a few months as he was once the drummer for Amen and was the current drummer for Combichrist.  This was during the time Nate Manor, Staci Grim and J-Sin (Jason) Trioxin was part of the band.


Dave Musselman

Dave Musselman (2009 – 2010)

Dave Mussleman joined the touring band for Gunfire’76 in 2009 as a second guitar player to play along with Roman Surman. Dave came from Jet Black Stare, he was replaced with Jack Tankersley in 2010.

Dave Musselman is located on the left middle beside Roman Surman

Dave Musselman on the left in 2009

Rob Hammersmith

Rob Hammersmith (2009 – 2010)

Rob Hammermith joined the touring band for Gunfire’76 project in 2009 as the drummer. Rob was in the band Rockets to Ruin at the time.  He was the only member besides Wednesday 13 and Roman Surman that stayed as a member for the whole tour.  After the tour he became the drummer for the classic 80s metal band Skid Row.

Rob Hammersmith part of Gunfire ’76

Death Becomes You (2004)

The Florida punk horror band, Death Becomes You was the support band for Wednesday 13 during his first solo stint on the Graveyard A Go-Go tour in 2004. They played as an opening band and also the support band for Wednesday 13.  This was not to be a permanent solution just till he created his first main band with (at one time Ikky) Kid Kid, Piggy D and Ghastly to support the release of Transylvania 90210.

Wednesday 13 with Death Becomes You.