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Bourbon Crow – Demos That Didn’t Quite Make It (2015)

This is a collection of songs that were left over from the recording sessions of Off the Wagon on the Rocks which was funded by a kickstarter. Released as a bonus on the kickstarter supporters this is a odd collection of old country songs from Bourbon Crow.

Track List

1 When In Dixie
2 I Hope They Serve Jack Daniels In Hell
3 Hard Drinking Man
4 Just Don’t Call Me Tonight
5 Song About You and Me
6 Saturday Night A Drink And Fight
7 One More Round
8 No Happy Ending
9 J.D. You’re An Angel To Me
10 I Stopped Loving You
11 Hell No H20

Band Members

Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13) – Vocals and Guitar
Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) – Vocal Guitar
Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal View

This record is bit more on the slower side after all it is the songs that did not make the cut. Just Don’t Call Me Tonight is a classic song and Wednesday’s voice is real twang! There is still some nice guitar work on this record.



Bourbon Crow – Off the Wagon on the Rocks (2015)

Yet again in 2016 after a kickstarter the country duel went at it again with some old back road tunes. Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13)and Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) returned as they gathered money from the kickstarter as they broke the deal with record company. They did a North America tour to support the record with Wednesday 13 doing the support for Undead Unplugged.

Track List

1 Alcohol
2 Nature boy (The Ballad of Rick Flair)
3 Wish Upon a Bar
4 Life I Live
5 Hard Drinking Man
6 Chick Fil A
7 Fuck You
8 Wishful Drinking
9 One More Round
10 I Hope They Serve Jack Daniels in Hell
11 Alcohol Poison

Band Members

Buck Bourbon (Wednesday 13) – Vocals and Guitar
Jessie Crow (Rayen Belchere) – Vocal Guitar
Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal Review

This was a harder record to track down unlike the past 2 and listening to it you feel a change in the band. The vocals are more of fun positive sound and you can tell they had fun writing and recording this record.  Some of the lyrics are based on some personal stuff for example Nature boy (The Ballad of Rick Flair) is not a surprise as both Rayen and Wednesday 13 are wrestling fans.  We also have a version of Fuck You on this record which is the same song as found on Dixie Dead, which I think fits better here.


Bourbon Crow – Long Way to the Bottom (2009)

In 2009 Wednesday 13 decided it was time again to get together with Rayen Belchere to do another Bourbon Crow record.  They named the record Long Way to the Bottom and started a fan base in which they called their fans Mules.

The songs on the second record are similar as the last record around drinking, fist swinging and more down in the dumps old country. The on tour support for this record finally happened, Wednesday 13 and Rayen performing dual vocals and acoustic guitar duties, this touring lineup also included current Wednesday 13 bassist Nate Manor on electric bass with Roman Surman as the electric guitarist.


Track List

1 Haulin’ Ass
2 Those Southern Times
3 Pour on Rain
4 Take a Bullet for You
5 Long Way to the Bottom
6 Life of Crime
7 You Have No Friends
8 Ol’ Whiskey Mountain
9 You and Me
10 In the Mood for a Drinking Song

Band Members

Bourbon Crow – Vocals, Guitar

Jessie Crow – Guitar, Vocals

Nate Manor – Bass

Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal View – This record sound is different and not as raw as the first record. It has more a up beat to old country with more instruments.  The record for me is too polished for what the project was suppose to be meant. Pour on Rain and You Have No Friends is a classic country song on this record and stands out.

Bourbon Crow – Highway to Hangovers (2006)

In 2006 Wednesday 13 and Rayen “kid kid” Belchere joined together to work on an old outlaw country gig called Bourbon Crow.  they each took on new personas such as Wednesday 13 became Buck Bourbon and Rayen became Jessie Crow.

The first record was dedicated to the Legend of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. It was a raw stripped down recording of songs about booze, women, heart break and death.

Their was no real support tour or shows for this as Wednesday 13 was in a car accident and left him with a broken collar bone and a fractured ankle.


Track List

1 Alcohol Express
2 A Bed in the Desert
3 A Dead Body
4 Drink ‘Till You Ain’t Ugly
5 Suck My Dixie
6 I’m Not Hungover
7 Bolts in This Redneck
8 Headed for the Altar
9 Lord Put My Girl
10 I Wanna Go
11 Rid the Devil
12 I Wish I Cared
13 Alcohol Is Awesome

Band Members

Buck Bourbon – Vocals, Guitar

Jessie Crow – Guitar, Vocals

Personal View – Raw country was never my forte but this was something different then his past offerings. It is basic acoustic guitars and Wednesday 13 singing it through. Some of the songs are just simple but some of them have a very good story to tell for example A Bed in the Desert. Wednesday 13 actually has an old country style voice. Most of the record is pretty much drinking tunes and down in your luck songs. Which is not too bad to crank back at the camp or in your garage drinking beer.