Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Everyone Hates Poland (2018)

The Poland show from the Condolence tour was great it was about 40 min long and had a nice mix of the newer stuff. The sounds and the video is really good of this show. Wednesday 13 is ax swinging, backwards man, the black and white devil mask are used, the classic umbrella and top hat. The show is just missing some of the classic stuff but its a nice mix of his solo songs.


1. What the Night Brings
2. Bloodsick
3. Scream Baby Scream
4. Serpent Society
5. Prey for Me
6. Bloodsucker
7. Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
8. Condolences
9. I Want You Dead
10. I Walked with a Zombie
11. I Love to Say Fuck
12. Bad Things

Band Members

Wednesday 13
Jack Tankersley
Roman Surman
Troy Doebbler
Kyle Castronovo

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