Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Bloodstock 2018 (2018)

The summer of 2018 Wednesday 13 played Bloodstock again (first time in 2017) but this time it was actually fully record and was lucky enough to get a fairly decent copy of it.  The show was short as it was a festival  but he did  pull out the stops for the theatrics. We have the a intro like the Shining, fire spitting, dancing ladies, ax swinging, the classic upside down mask, the white devil mask and the black goat mask. The video of the band is very clear and look great the sound was hit and miss as Wednesday 13 was louder than the actual music. But it is a nice little live show that supported Condolences.

Set List

1. What the Night Brings
2. Bloodsick
3. Scream Baby Scream
4. Serpent Society
5. Prey for Me
6. Bloodsucker
7. Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
8. Condolence
9. I Want You Dead
10. I Walked with a Zombie
11. I Love to Say Fuck

The intro with Wednesday 13

Kyle Castronovo

Wednesday 13

Roman Surman

Jack Tankersley and Troy Doebbler

Troy Doebbler and one of the dancing goat ladies.

Band Members

Jack Tankersley
Roman Surman
Troy Doebbler
Kyle Castronovo


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