Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Everyone Still Hates You US (2018)

This is a recording of a show on the US leg of the Combichrist tour called Everyone Still Hates You in 2018. Wednesday 13 no longer became the main act during this round of shows as he was trying to reach out to a newer crowd of people to get a bigger fan base. This means the set list is shorter than in the past but he did not hold back on the stage show.  Yes, Wednesday 13 dropped the classics of his past career but he brought energy and props to the stage. He has the now classic Serpent Society mask, the death mask that he wears backwards for Prey for Me and the new white devil mask for Condolences.


1. What the Night Brings
2. Bloodsick
3. Scream Baby Scream
4. Serpent Society
5. Prey for Me
6. Bloodsucker
7. Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
8. Condolences
9. I Want You Dead
10. I Walked with a Zombie
11. I Love to Say Fuck
12. Bad Things


Band Members

Jack Tankersley
Roman Surman
Troy Doebbler
Kyle Castronovo


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