Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Plague at the Dirty Dog (2016)

This bootleg was recorded in Austin Texas at the Dirty Dog bar during the support of Monsters of the Universe. This is an October show so we have skeletons on the stage along with the green lights. The person recording this is focused with Jack and Troy so Wednesday is a bit off to the side of the recording. The sound of the show is really good but the video can be somewhat lacking as it seems to be off to one side. But a descent recording of Troy and Jack in action!


1. Keep Watching the Sky
2. Put Your Mask On
3. I Want You Dead
4. The Ghost of Vincent Price
5. Scream Baby Scream
6. Serpent Society
7. The Dixe Dead
8. Come Out and Plague
9. Hail Ming
10. I Walked with a Zombie
11. I Love to Say Fuck
12. Bad Things


Jack Tankersley
Roman Surman
Troy Doebbler
Kyle Castronovo





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