Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live Spook and Destroy Bochum (2012)

This is a gem on its own as the stuff from Spook and Destroy were not played at every show for Calling All Corpses. (I love this EP). The set list is actually really long for this show (Halloween set) and the sound is great and the video quality is pretty sweet. Amazing set list and Wednesday 13 is full of energy, Jason West is hammering like a drum god and Troy Doebbler is head banging like a madman.  Another classic show!


  1. Intro
  2. Rot for Me
  3. Halloween 13-13
  4. Calling All Corpses
  5. Scream Baby Scream
  6. MFTW
  7. From Here to the Hearse
  8. My Home Sweet Homicide
  9. The House by the Cemetery
  10. All American Massacre
  11. Haunt Me
  12. I Want You Dead
  13. I Wanna be Cremated
  14. Put Your Death Mask On
  15. Till Death Do Us Party
  16. Candle for the Devil
  17. I Walked with a Zombie
  18. Rambo
  19. I Love to Say Fuck
  20. Bad Things


Wednesday 13
Roman Surman
Troy Doebbler
Jack Tankersley
Jason “Shakes” West


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