Wednesday 13 – Bootleg Live My Condolences Denver (2017)

This recording was done in Denver  during the Condolences tour in 2017. The video is pretty clear for most songs and a few taken a bit farther away in the crowd (I’m guessing this was film by multiple people and edited together). Seems to have a split in the intro of Serpent Society which is too bad.(my claim this was edited). But the audio is clear and the band is in well form as they tear the crowd apart with some new stuff and classics stuff.


  1. What the Night Brings
  2. Scream Baby Scream
  3. Keep Watching the Skies
  4. Cadaverous
  5. Get Your Grave on
  6. Serpent Society
  7. The Ghost of Vincent Price
  8. Bloodsick
  9. I Want You Dead
  10. Hail Ming
  11. Cruel to You
  12. Condolences
  13. I Love to Say Fuck
  14. Bad Things


Wednesday 13
Roman Surman
Jack Tankersley
Troy Doebbler
Kyle Castronovo



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