Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 – Bootleg Live Confederacy of Scum (1999)

In the support of Songs from the Recently Deceased the band did a number of support shows in 1999 but one show was captured when they were inducted into the Confederacy of Scum. The video itself is a little dark but the sound is very clear. We have the trio jamming to a small crowd and Seaweed in a beautiful pigtailed blue wig and  Wednesday 13 wearing a lovely short light green wig.  Classic songs , Seaweed screaming in the back vocals, hanging chickens and Wednesday 13 holding it together as someone called him a faggot ( it almost looked like a slugfest was about to happen).  Another classic bootleg show in my collection.


  1. Plan 9 from Outer Space
  2. Monster Monster 13 Oh Yeah
  3. Rock n’ Roll
  4. Kill Miss America
  5. I Love to Say Fuck
  6. Galactic Chicken Shit
  7. The Witch is Dead
  8. Mr. Motherfucker
  9. Oogie Boogie Baby
  10. Graverobbing USA
  11. (Confederacy of Scum Induction)
  12. S.T.Ds


Wednesday 13
Sicko Zero



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