Murderdolls – Bootleg Live Beast Fest (2002)

The Murderdolls traveled to Japan to do Beast Fest in 2002. This audio bootleg was recorded in the winter of 2002 when they were doing the support for Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls.  I personally have had a copy for this show for some time and enjoy it as it opens with Dawn of the Dead.  The energy of the show is great with a pile of jumping and crowd interaction.


  1. Dawn of the Dead
  2. Let’s go to War
  3. She Was a Teenage Zombie
  4. Slit My Wrists
  5. Love at First Fright
  6. Twist My Sister
  7. Die My Bride
  8. People Hate Me
  9. Dead in Hollywood
  10. 197666


Wednesday 13
Joey Jordison
Acey Slade
Erick Griffin
Ben Graves



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