Wednesday 13- Re-Animated (2011)

After the success of Skeletons and the tour Wednesday 13 thought he would treat the fans with mixes of songs from that record. The cover of the record is the same as Skeletons except is a green tinged to it.

The money from this record and the Murderdoll tour of Women and Children Last in 2011 went to the Red Cross to support the people of Japan after the 8.9 earthquake.


Track List

1 Scream Baby Scream
2 Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
3 No Rabbit In The Hat
4 Put Your Death Mask On
5 All American Massacre

Band Members

Wednesday 13 – Vocals, Guitar

Nate Manor – Bass

Racci Shay – Drums

Jamie Hoover – Guitar

Personal View – I’m personally like songs the way they were intended on Skeletons. I like my metal as metal and I have never been a re-mix fan of any band.  But it is a nice keep sake in the collection.


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