Ikky (2000 – 2002 / 2004)

Ikky joined the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 in 2000 as something new for the sound of the band as he was a keyboardist. Ikky also had the ability to play guitar so they used him also as a addition for that. When he was brought into the band,  Sicko Zero was uncomfortable with this and he soon left for the band for the second time.



Ikky during his time in the band was part of the Viva Las Violence recording with Scabs, Wednesday 13  and Seaweed. Much like the other members of the band when they disband after the tour in 2002 Ikky was done with the band.


Ikky on the far left

(Ikky live during the Viva shows)

Ikky was best known in the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13  as the one member that kept the wig during that era and he was scary as hell looking as he represented a old doll .

Ikky was asked to join Wednesday 13 again in 2004 when the Murderdolls stopped and took a break and he need a guitar player for his first solo venture called Graveyard A Go-Go with other members of a band called Death Becomes You.  But it was not long before Ikky got replaced by a guitarist named Matt Montgomery.






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