Bourbon Crow – Long Way to the Bottom (2009)

In 2009 Wednesday 13 decided it was time again to get together with Rayen Belchere to do another Bourbon Crow record.  They named the record Long Way to the Bottom and started a fan base in which they called their fans Mules. The CD is dedicated to the legend of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.

The songs on the second record are similar as the last record around drinking, fist swinging and more down in the dumps old country. The on tour support for this record finally happened, Wednesday 13 and Rayen performing dual vocals and acoustic guitar duties, this touring lineup also included current Wednesday 13 bassist Nate Manor on electric bass with Roman Surman as the electric guitarist.


Track List

1 Haulin’ Ass
2 Those Southern Times
3 Pour on Rain
4 Take a Bullet for You
5 Long Way to the Bottom
6 Life of Crime
7 You Have No Friends
8 Ol’ Whiskey Mountain
9 You and Me
10 In the Mood for a Drinking Song

Band Members

Bourbon Crow – Vocals, Guitar

Jessie Crow – Guitar, Vocals

Nate Manor – Bass

Roman Surman – Guitar

Personal View – This record sound is different and not as raw as the first record. It has more a up beat to old country with more instruments.  The record for me is too polished for what the project was suppose to be meant. Pour on Rain and You Have No Friends are classic country songs on this record and stands out.

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